How to Mods have a Success?

Started by Nouyoule on Tue, 08/07/2018 - 22:49

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How to Mods have a Success?
Tue, 08/07/2018 - 22:49

If your curiosity have do going you here, you is in the good topic for the mods! Look how to mods have a success in bottom here for remake the even success!

  1. When a mod is a success: Yes, when a mod have a lot downloads, he is very good, and more users going towards it for download it, curious of this mod.
  2. When a mod is that of the week: If a mod is VERY DOWNLOAD, it’s than it’s the best of the week, who have beating the other mods, for escape of the mods horde!
  3. When a mod have a developer: If a developer have see your mod or topic, it’s than you have a big chance! Because the developer is not a user like we, he is the CREATOR OF YOUR SOFT IN PERSON!!!! So, explain you in the comments in bottom of this Wiki!

If you want to make a very good mod for a good success who will pass in completely, look it!

  1. Try MCreator: You want to try MCreator for publish a good mod? If you is alone, you must have no problems, and prepare all! But, we speaks classics mods for beginning - So, begin by make a custom block in make his texture. After, go create a new mod with many settings, and choose the good! After, you can make custom armor, blocks, items, tools, dimensions, procedures (For spawn, explode…), mobs, biomes…
  2. Collaborate: In MCreator, you can collaborate with other users, for create your mod, and share professions: Modelers, Texturers, Programmers… So, quickly collaborate with them for share your professions and have fun!
  3. Tributes: Here, we speaks of tribute for video games, soft, or for fun!
  4. Mod of the Week (MOTW): You must work a VERY VERY GOOD project for participate with other mods.

It’s was a help to you! I hope than this service help to you for make a good mod! Good road on MCreator!

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