Raolcraft Omega - Getting Started Guide

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Raolcraft Omega - Getting Started Guide
Thu, 09/10/2020 - 12:55 (edited)

This wiki is old and outdated! Check this one instead: https://github.com/raoldev/RaolCraft-Omega/wiki

Do you want to know how to get started with RaolCraft Omega? Well, then this is the right place!

Getting started

A long time ago, the world was all dark. But a day, something or someone made it colorful and the darkness was deleted.

But, after a few time, the Dark Emperor decided to make the world dark again. So started a war between the darkness and the other most powerful element, the light. Nobody won that war, and as result the world was split in 8 dimensions. 

The legend says that the gems of the Overworld are connected to these dimensions by an unknown magical force, and that the one who explores the 8 dimensions and defeats the darkness will reach a new level of power and celebrated like a hero.

Will you be that hero?



While playing RaolCraft Omega you can find a lot of new ores. The first ores you should harvest are Lead, Copper, Tin and Zinc because they are used to make the Pulverizer and the Dust Smelter, two machines that I will explain soon. The one you'll need the most will be Lead, so be sure to harvest a lot of it.

Make the Pulverizer first. The Pulverizer is a machine used to pulverize stuff; it is mainly utilized to turn ingots into dusts but it actually has many more uses. Here is a list of all of them:

  • Any Ingot - > Its respective Dust
  • Wheat - > Flour
  • Bone - > 4 Bone Meal
  • Stone - > Cobblestone
  • Cobblestone - > Gravel
  • Gravel - > Flint
  • Sugar Canes - > Sugar
  • Wool - > 4 Strings
  • Cobweb - > 4 Strings
  • Coral Spider's Cobweb - > 4 Coral Spider's Silk
  • Any Sandstone - > 4 respective Sand

To use it just put the item to pulverize into its input slot.

As already said, the main feature of the Pulverizer is to turn Ingots into Dusts. Why should you make dusts? If you are familiar with tech mods such as Thermal Expansion, dusts can be combined to make alloys. The first dust you need is the Zinc Dust, since it's used for making the Dust Smelter.

The Dust Smelter (also called "depulverizer" or "depulverizing smelter") is the opposite of the Pulverizer, it turns dusts into ingots (it won't turn flour into wheat, flint into gravel, gravel into cobblestone, etc. however. It only turns dusts into ingots).

You can start making some alloys: simply pulverize some ingots, combine them in a crafting grid and then depulverize them.

Here are the basic alloys:

  • Bronze (1 copper dust + 1 tin dust): it's mainly used for decoration stuff, like the Pathmaker, but can also be used for making Bronze Tools, that are better than stone but worse than iron;
  • Steel (3 iron dusts + 1 coal): at the moment it can only be used to craft the very-expensive Defense-Block;
  • Cast Iron (1 iron dust + 1 coal): it can be used for a few things, the most important one being the Essence Pot;
  • Brass (1 copper dust + 1 zinc dust): it has very few uses right now. One of these uses is the Recycler.



Remember when I said that the Pulverizer also turns Stone into Cobblestone (this isn't very useful), Cobblestone into Gravel and Gravel into Flint?

Well, if you have a lot of cobblestone (and you probably have), you can quickly turn that cobblestone into flint to make a lot of stacks of arrows!

This will require a lot of feathers, though, but that won't be a problem if you have a chicken farm (especially if you are using a mod that makes Chicken randomly drop feathers like Quark so you don't have to create a farm that also kills the chickens).

(Obviously this will require sticks too, but, I mean, sticks aren't the rarest item ever.)


The Pulverizer can also be used to make Flour, that can be then smelt to make Bread or, if you have some Tomatoes, it can be used to make a Pizza! Pizza is a very good food but can has a stack limit of 16.


If you haven't had a diamond armor yet, you can craft a Lead Armor, which is a cheaper and less powerful version of the diamond armor. It provides more resistance than an Iron Armor but it's less durable.


If you want to know your coordinates without having to use F3, you can craft some coordinates indicators! They are crafted just like clocks or compasses, but by using copper, tin and bronze instead of iron and gold.


If you want to easily store your food, you can craft some Tin Cans. Just craft a Tin can, surround it by 7 food blocks and a food item and you'll get a Tin Can filled with food! Just right-click it to get the food back. Tin cans store exactly a stack of food. At the moment they can only store potatoes, carrots and tomatoes.


With a PathMaker you can make unlimited grasspath without consuming shovels. It can also be upgraded later. 


You can also craft a Clothes Machine to create many different clothes! At the moment you can only make t-shirts. Just place the machine then right-click it with a t-shirt (created with 8 strings) and then you can choose the t-shirt to make!


There also is the Recycler, which is a block that turns unused tools and armor into the great amount of nuggets of 3! Yes, it's not that great, but it's still better than vanilla smelting because it gives 3 nuggets rather than one and consumes no fuel. In the future it might give more nuggets when the item is less consumed. Bonus thing: shears and flint and steel can be turned into nuggets too (both in the Furnace and in the Recycler)!

The Wands


Before going to the next chapter, let's explain what are Wands.

Wands are tools that help players in a lot of ways - by teleporting them, making them levitate, covering them with stone, making them stronger, etc. Most Wands consume Mana when used. All the Wands listed here consume Mana, unless specified otherwise.

The Basic Wand is used for crafting all the other Wands, and can be crafted by surrounding a Cave Root with Amber. The Cave Root can only be found when mining in the surface, while the Amber is very common but can only be found in very little groups. There are 6 varieties of Cave Roots (one for each type of wood), but it doesn't matter which one do you use to craft the Wand.

Here is a list of all the wands added in RaolCraft Omega:

  • The Basic Wand: it's the only one that actually consumes nothing when used. It has only a few uses: activating Gravestones and teleporting to Ender Pearl Blocks. It's required for crafting all the other Wands.
  • The Charging Wand: it can charge Gravestones and activate Water Reactors and Lava Fishing Pools.
  • The Ender Wand: it can be used to teleport on blocks (if there is enough space). You can't teleport on bedrock (so you can't use it to pass through the top layer of bedrock in the Nether). You can also teleport under a block if you are sneaking. Can be useful for traveling in the mountains or to quickly go upstairs or downstairs in your house.
  • The Healing Wand: use it to heal yourself by 4 health (2 hearths). It has a little cooldown. 2 hearths might seem little, but it can be so powerful for escaping from dangers when combined with health regeneration granted by food.
  • The Water Wand: it can make some water. It can also be used to summon the Water Spirit King. Can be useful for quickly placing water without having to carry a filled bucket.
  • The Lavic Wand: it can make some lava. It can also be used to summon the Fire Spirit King. Can be useful to damage mobs. It also makes lava renewable, but you can already obtain a lot of it in the Nether or in the Magma Forest.
  • The Spectral Wand: it makes you invisible, hungry and fast like a ghost. It can also be used to summon the Spectral Emperor. Can be useful for running away from monsters.
  • The Earth Wand: it makes a protective stone cover around you. It can also be used to summon the Terra Beast. It can be very useful in emergencies, especially against mobs who do ranged attacks.
  • The Frozen Wand: it places a block of Ice. It can also be used to summon the Ice Ghost. Not sure how you could use it, maybe to build pillars without having to carry stacks of blocks XD
  • The Flora Wand: it plants a Fire Flytrap, a plant that damages all the players and mobs that collide it and disappears after a while. It can also be used to summon the Flora Golem. Can be useful to damage mobs while you are in a safe zone recovering life.
  • The Sky Wand: it makes you levitate for a bit. It can also be used to summon the Sky Magician. It's probably the best one, being useful for traveling, escaping, preventing death and more.
  • The Light Wand: it does just place some very transparent light. Can be useful when building.
  • The Obscure Wand: it gives you a random benefit but also withers you. Be careful with dark magic.
  • The Poisonous Wand: it poisons you for a bit but also makes you a lot stronger. The poison lasts longer than the strength. Can be useful if you have a Milk Bucket (or some Silver Apples from Hodge-Podge III).
  • The Spider Wand: places a cobweb. Can be useful for making traps, especially when combined with the Flora Wand.
  • The Blessing Wand: prevents some damage for some seconds (adds absorption effect to you). Can be useful when you have little life or when you know your opponent is going to strike a powerful attack on you.
  • The Ghostly Wand: a ranged Wand that can be used to make little damage to enemies or to make a Soul Orb, a block that slows down players or mobs that collide it and does a little explosion after a few time.
  • The Tetraelemental Wand: it can consume up to 4 Mana (based on how much you have) to do various effects: make you fly, lit some fire around you, place some stone around you and some water under you. If you don't have enough Mana, it will only work partially.
  • The Nightmare Wand: it summons a mob that should be kept away from villagers. Just discover it by yourself.
  • The Illusion Wand: a ranged Wand that consumes Nightmare Dust rather than Mana. It's similar to the Ghostly Wand but its Orb is a bit different.


These are just the "normal" Wands, but they aren't the only ones: there also are the Superior Wand, but those will be explained later.

Wands consume Mana. You can find Mana in some structures, you can craft it (glowstone dust + lapis lazuli + silver dust) or you can craft a Mana Generator.

The Mana Generator is a block that generates Mana from nothing. It generates Mana at an extremely slow speed, so I recommend making a lot of them.

If you open the Mana Generator's GUI, you can see it has 2 slots: the first slot is where Mana is generated (and since it can hold only 64 Mana I recommend placing an hopper and a chest under the Mana Generator) and the second slot is the Augment Slot. If you place a Mana Crystal in this slot, it will speed up the Mana Generator (and the Mana Generator won't be consumed); however, for obtaining a Mana Crystal you need to defeat the boss of the Ice Dimension, so now let's just go to the next chapter.

The Water Dephts


Your next step is the dimension "Water Depths" (but friends call it "water dimension").

This dimension used to be a big commercial city, but it was submerged by a great tsunami caused by the Dark Emperor. Its inhabitants became Spirits and when the Original World was divided in dimensions, everything here became water-elemental, including the dimension itself.

The gem connected to this dimension is the Sapphire, so mine it when you find it.

If you haven't defeated the Enderdragon yet, you won't be able to go to the Water Dimension, because you'll need some Chorus Fruits for crafting.


For making the portal to this dimension, you'll need some Water Bricks, that can be crafted with some Prismarine Bricks (so you'll need to go to the Ocean Monument to find some if you haven't yet) and a lot of Water Essences.

So, how do you get these Water Essences? Put 7 Cast Iron Ingots in a Cauldron-like shape and you have an Essence Pot!

Now craft about 14 (or 10, depending if you want to make the corners of the portal too) Sprout Amber (surround Amber with 8 Chorus Fruits), place your Essence Pot and right-click it with a Sprout Amber in your hand!

The Sprout Amber will be consumed and your Essence Pot will be filled with a green liquid. Now right-click the Essence Pot with a Water Bucket and you'll get 8 Water Essences! (The water in the bucket will be consumed and the liquid in the Essence Pot too).

Repeat the process until you have 112 (or 80, again, depending if you want to make the corners of the portal too) Water Essences. Believe me, they aren't too many (you just need a lot of Chorus Fruits).


Now that you have all these Water Essences and you built the portal, you need an igniter for opening it. The igniter is the Scepter of the Water Depths (see the recipe in JEI).  Now right-click the portal with the igniter and go through it.



You'll find yourself in a dimension filled with water, Hydrostone and Water Ore. Make sure you have a diamond pickaxe, or you won't be able to mine Water Ore. Water Ore can then be smelt to make Water Ingots.

In this dimension you can also find some mobs:


  • The Water Spirit, an hostile melee fighter that uses a Spectral Sword. Drops Spectral Dust and, rarely, Sapphires. It is immune to fall damage;
  • The Water Archer Spirit, a Water Spirit who learnt how to use a Spectral Bow. Drops Spectral Dust, Arrows and, rarely, Sapphires;
  • The Coralmite, an hostile mob that spawns in large groups;
  • The Coral Spider, an hostile spider that does ranged attacks. When killed it can make a Coral Spider's Cobweb and can spawn a Coralmite. Drops Coral Spider's Silk, a material that can be used to make some utilities, like the Spider Wand.
  • The Guardian
  • The Enderman


In this dimension you can also find Royal Coral reefs (which are completely useless right now).


When you have a few Water Ingots, make some Pure Water Essence and a Water Wand. You can use the Water Wand for making water without having to take a bucket, but it's also used to summon the Water Spirit King.


But how to summon the Water Spirit King?

Craft a Gravestone. A Gravestone is a block used for summoning Zombies: right-click it with a Basic Wand in hand and you will summon one.

But it isn't its main use: if you right-click it with a Charging Wand in your hand, it will turn itself into a Charged Gravestone. Right-click this Charged Gravestone with the Water Wand in your hand and you will finally summon the Water Spirit King, the boss of this dimension.


I recommend summoning the Water Spirit King in a place far from your house. He can destroy blocks in his path and summon a few aquatic mobs and also some weak explosive clones, so be prepared. It won't be too hard, though.

By killing the Water Spirit King, you'll get a few items:

  • The Spectral Sapphire, an item used in some water-related crafting. It won't be consumed when used for crafting;
  • A Fragment of Totem of Water Breathing that can be used to craft the Totem of Water Breathing, a rare item that applies Water Breathing to the player when held in hand. You need 3 fragments for making a totem, that means that you need to fight the Water Spirit King 3 times. Making the totem is optional, so, if you want, you can just directly go to the Magma Forest;
  • The Water Spirit King's Crown, an aeshetic item that can be equipped;
  • Some Royal Souls. You will use them in some crafting recipes.

You can now craft the Coral Bow, a powerful weapon.

You can also use some Royal Souls to create a Blessing Wand. This wand prevents some damage for some seconds (it adds absorption effect to you).

If you want, you can even make a Water Reactor. It's a multiblock structure that when right-clicked with a Charging Wand in the hand, gives you 32 sponges and summons some Guardians. Here is an image showing how can you build it:Water Reactor Explaination

What will you do with all these sponges? You can craft some Clear Glass, which is like a chiseled version of the glass.

The Magma Forest

Magma forest updated

Now let's go to the next dimension, the Magma Forest (also known as the Fire/Lavic Dimension). This is a fire-elemental dimension, and the gem connected to it is the Ruby.

Before the war, this place was the most lively forest of the Original World. It unfortunately also was the first place to get destroyed by the Dark Emperor. He burnt it and nobody could stop the fire. When the world was divided into dimensions, this became the fire-elemental dimension. It is said that the fire never stopped burning and still grieves this place.


Anyway, do you remember the Essence Pot? Fill it with a Sprout Amber again, but now right-click it with a lava bucket in your hand instead of a water bucket. You will get 8 Fire Essences.

Now use them to make a portal of Fire Bricks. Right-click the portal with a Scepter of the Magma Forest and you can finally go to there.


In the Magma Forest, you can find Hot Netherrack, Lavic Ore, Firestone (a block that you can't mine yet), many new plants and a few mobs:

  • The Fire Spirit, a mob like the Water Spirit that drops Rubies instead of Sapphires;
  • The Fire Archer Spirit, I think you guessed what does it do;
  • The Magmazombie, a variant of Zombie that spawns in the Magma Forest;
  • The Enderman

You can also find some Fiery Trees (the log is Umbrawood and the leaves are Fiery Leaves), many new kinds of plants and a new mushroom. You can obtain the seeds from Pyroclaw plants (the ones that grow upside-down) and place them under Hot Netherrack to create a new Pyroclaw.

Now that you are in the Magma Forest you should start breaking a few Hot Netherrack (the main block found in this dimension). 

Hot Netherrack is used for a few things (including some decorative blocks) and one of these is the Infernal Furnace.

The Infernal Furnace is a block that "smelts" stuff that is already at an high temperature (you can say it "awakens the true fire power of lavic items"). Here are its recipes:

  • Lavic Ore -> Lavic Ingot
  • Glacial Metal Ore -> Glacial Metal Ingot

Yes, only two recipes for the moment. And you can't even find Glacial Metal Ore yet...


The Infernal Furnace consumes 1 Hot Coal per item smelt (For crafting Hot Coal surround Coal with Hot Netherrack). 


Mine some Lavic Ore and smelt it using your Infernal Furnace. Now you have Lavic Ingots. You can use them to create powerful Lava Tools, which are more efficient and powerful than the Diamond ones. However, they still have the same harvest level (3) so they can't break any new block diamond tools weren't able to. The best thing about these tools is that Lavic Ore is very common so don't care if you lose them! You can't make armor with them, though.

Now, make some Pure Lavic Essence and a Lavic Wand.

If you want, you can also place a Hot Brick, place Hot Netherrack on it, horizontally surround the Hot Netherrack with Hot Bricks and right-click it with a Charging Wand in hand: this way you will turn that block into a Lava Fishing Pool, where you can fish with an Obsidian Fishing Rod.

By fishing into lava pools, you can get Rotten Fish and Heatfish. If you try to eat Heatfish, it will damage you. You will be able to make it edible when you will go to the Eternal Cold dimension.

Note: while lava-fishing, your Obsidian Fishing Rod may randomly istantly break and/or the Lava Pool may turn into lava. Also, breaking one of the 5 Hot Bricks surrounding the Lava Fishing Pool will instantly break the Lava Fishing Pool. 


When you are ready, right-click with the Lavic Wand in hand a Charged Gravestone and fight the Fire Spirit King.

The Fire Spirit King can be pretty hard to deal with if you leave him alone for a bit. That's because he constantly summons monsters (Fire Spirits, Fire Archer Spirits and occasionally Creepers). He also has a lot of life, so good luck. 

When killing the Fire Spirit King he will drop some rewards:

  • The Spectral Ruby: just like the Spectral Sapphire is used for water-related things, the Spectral Ruby is used for fire-related things. It also stays in the crafting grid after using it;
  • A Fragment of Totem of Fire Resistance that can be used to make a Totem of Fire Resistance, that (as you can guess by its name) gives you Fire Resistance when held in hand;
  • The Fire Spirit King's Crown, an item that can be equipped and is purely aestethic;
  • A few Royal Souls.

The Crystallized Spirits Ruins


Now that you defeated the Water and Fire Spirit Kings, it's time to fight the prime spirit: the Spectral Emperor.

To fight him, you have to go to the "Cristallized Spirits Ruins" a dimension also known as the Spectral Dimension.

This dimension was the last place to get destroyed by the Dark Emperor. It was the capital of the world, where the Emperor lived. During the war, the Dark Emperor killed the former Emperor and trapped him in a mysterious space using a Spectral Amethyst. He became the new Emperor but he reigned so violently that people quickly rebelled to him. He decided to turn them into crystals, confine them into a different dimension and build a new home in the remaking part of the Original World with his remaining loyal servants. Now this place is the Spectral Dimension and is only inhabited by the Spirits who managed to not get turned into crystals.


To get there, build a portal of Spectral Bricks and right-click it with the Scepter of the Crystallized Spirits Ruins and go though it.

This dimension in mainly made of Spectral Stone, Soul Crystal Ore, Unearthly Marble and Ghoststone (you can't mine it yet because it has an harvest level of 4).

In this dimension there also are some mobs (some of them only spawn in dungeons and structures):

  • The Royal Spirit, a stronger Spirit;
  • The Defender Spirit, a Spirit with a shield;
  • The Wizard Spirit, a Spirit that does ranged attacks;
  • The Spectral Beast, a little blue monster;
  • The Spirit
  • The Ghast
  • The Enderman

You can mine Soul Crystal Ore to get a Soul Crystal. Soul Crystals are very useful items: you can use them for making a lot of decorative blocks, a few stuff and the Spectral Wand.

The Spectral Wand is an item that consumes the Mana to make you fast at moving and at mining, invisible and hungry like a ghost. It will also provide some nausea.

You can also use the Spectral Wand on a Charged Gravestone to summon the Spectral Emperor.

The Spectral Emperor was the former Emperor who got trapped in a Spectral Amethyst by the Dark Emperor.

The Spectral Emperor is a lot stronger than the Fire and Water Spirit Kings. When summoned, he is blue and will explode after a few seconds. The explosion will be huge. Then he will gain a Shield and some Elytras.

While fighting him, he will occasionally summon Ghast, Spirits and Vexes. He does ranged attacks and has a lot of life, so be prepared!

When killing the Spectral Emperor, you will free his soul and get these drops:

  • The Spectral Amethyst, an item that can be used for a few things and stays in the crafting grid when used;
  • A Fragment of Totem of Invisibility. Combine 3 Fragments and you will get a totem that will grant you invisibility when held in hand (obviously);
  • The Spectral Emperor's Crown, that, like the other crowns, is just decorative;
  • A few Royal Souls.

While fighting the Spectral Emperor, he can also drop some Spectral Eyes, that can be used to make a Ghostly Wand.

The Ghostly Wand is a ranged item that consumes Mana. It does little damage to mobs/players, but it can make a Soul Orb (also called Soul Trap) that slows down players and mobs that collide it and explodes after a while. The explosion is very little.


If you want, you can make an Advanced Brewing Stand, a block that can be used to make some advanced potions.

To use it, fuel it with Spectral Powder. Then put an empty bottle in the potion slot and and ingredient in the ingredient slot. This way you can make a basic potion that can be used to make the proper potions.

You can use 3 ingredients to make 3 different potions: Amber, Soul Crystal and Mana. Each one of these will give you a different potion, but only one of them is the right one, the others are useless (I won't tell you what is the right one, you'll need to discover it by yourself - and, to be honest, I don't even remember XD).

At the moment you can make these potions (remember to fuel the Advanced Brewing Stand with Spectral Powder and to use the right base potion):

Frog Leg - > Potion of Saturation

Glowshroom - > Potion of Glowing

Soul Soil Dust - > Potion of Resistance


To find the Frog Leg you'll need to kill some Frogs, that can be found on rivers and swamps (The fact that you need Frogs to make a Potion of Saturation makes sense because in real life Frogs can stay a lot of time without eating. It doesn't make much sense that you need the leg of a frog for making a potion that makes you invulnerable to hunger but I will fix that in an update).

To find the Glowshroom you'll need to go to the Glowshroom Forest, that is a rare biome. Keep in mind that unlike the Mushroom Island, monsters do spawn here! I might describe "bonus" features such as the Glowshroom Forest in a separate topic or in some bonus chapters.

To find the Soul Soil Dust you'll need to go to the Soil Soil Dimension. Luckily for you, this is the next dimension!


There is a special weapon hidden in a maze in the Spectral Dimension. It is the Slowing Stick, an item that slows down any mob or player hit with it.

There also is another bonus item hidden in a structure. It's the Trapped Crystal Golem. This item will summon a Crystal Golem that will help you fighting all kinds of Spirits (except the bosses). It can follow you if you hold a Spectral Amethyst in hand.

Explore all the structures in the Spectral Dimension until you find them :).

The Soil Soul


The next dimension is the Soul Soil dimension, also called Earth dimension.

This place was reduced in this state by an earthquake made by the Dark Emperor to defeat the rebels (the same earthquake that caused the tsunami in the water dimension). Right now, this dimension is only inhabited by undead miners (during the war, some avaricious people realized the potential of the mines here and started collecting precious stones there, until they became zombies for some mysterious events).

To go here, you have to build a portal of Earth Bricks and trigger it with a Scepter of the Soul Soil.

This dimension is like a cave made of Earthstone, where Ancient Iron, Megadiamond and Superior Amber ores are found. You can't mine Superior Amber Ore yet.

These mobs spawn here:

  • The Terra Turtle, a mob that can dig little tunnels through the Earthstone;
  • The Skelesect, a melee undead mob;
  • The Geomancer, a wizard that can use telekinesis on nearby Earthstone;
  • The Zombie of the Soul Soil, just a regular boring zombie with a pickaxe;
  • The Enderman


It is quite dark here, so I suggest you to bring a lot of torches and potions of Night Vision.

You can use Ancient Iron Dust to craft some Soul Soil Dust. This item is mainly used to brew the Potion of Resistance in the Advanced Brewing Stand and to craft the Earth Wand. This wand can consume Mana to make a protective stone cover around you and can also be used to summon the Terra Beast (the boss of this dimension), but that will be explained soon.


You can also use Ancient Iron Ingots to craft a Refinery. This block turns items into their refined versions while consuming another item. Here are the recipes:

Megadiamond + Block of Diamond = Refined Megadiamond

Poison Pearl + Block of Poisonous Shards = Refined Poison Pearl

Poison Pearls are items obtained by killing Poisonous Summoners in the Poisonous Forest, a biome found in the Overworld. These are other "bonus" features that might be described in a extra chapter/topic.


You can use Refined Megadiamonds to craft a Earth Altar. Place the Earth Altar on a pillar made of 2 Earth Bricks, then right-click it with a Earth Wand in hand (while having Mana in inventory) and the earth boss, the Terra Beast, will be summoned.

When killed, the Terra Beast drops these items on the ground:

  • The Heart of Earth, the trophy item need to go to the next dimension;
  • A Fragment of Earth Totem, used to craft a totem that prevents suffocation caused by sand, gravel, etc.

The Eternal Cold


Please ignore the minimap, I forgot to press F1 while catching the screenshot and I will soon make another one.

This is the coolest dimension. Literally, you freeze here!

Its portal is made using Frostbricks and can be opened using a Scepter of the Eternal Cold.

This dimension is made of Icestone, but you can also find Ice Cobblestone, Glacial Metal Ore and a new liquid, the Freezing Water.

Icestone just is the main block of this dimension. When broken, it gives Ice Cobblestone (unless it is broken with a Silk Touch enchanted pickaxe). The Freezing Water is a liquid which slowns mobs down. The Glacial Metal ore will be explained later.

These mobs can be found in this dimension:

  • The Yeti Zombie, a neutral melee monster that drops leather
  • The Ice Ectoplasm, an hostile melee monster which drops a Frozen Star
  • The Ice Slime, a mob that freezes con contact
  • The Snow Chicken, a passive mob that is similar to a Chicken but also sometimes lays snowballs
  • The Enderman

Yeti Zombies can also be found in a festive variant. Winter Yeti Zombies (this is their name when they have a Santa's hat) also drop a Mysterious Box, which can be opened to get a random gift. You can get a special artifact by opening gifts, but you will only need it later, after defeating the Dark Emperor.

Ice Ectoplasms drop a Frozen Star about 30% of the times. Keep in mind that Ectoplasms and Ghosts are not considered Spirits so they drop no Spectral Dust and aren't attacked by the Crystal Golem.

In this dimension you can also find a structure, the Ice Fortress.


Anyway, now that you know what can be found in the dimension, let's see what you can actually do with its materials.

Glacial Metal Ore is so cold that it needs to be smelt twice.* After smelting and smelting them again you will get some Glacial Metal Ingots. You can use them to create a Freezing Machine.

The Freezing Machine can be used to freeze things, however it consumes Ice Essence to work. Where can you get it?

Do you remember the Essence Pot? Well, go to that old dusty room where you placed it, fill it with Sprout Amber as usual then right-click it with a Glacial Metal Ingot in hand. You will get 2 Ice Essences.

Anyway, the Freezing Machine can be used to do a few things (including turning the Glacial Metal Ore which was already smelt into a fresh new Glacial Metal Ore ready to be smelt twice. I don't know why would you do this actually), but its most important uses probably are turning Ice into Packed Ice and a Basic Wand into an Ice Wand. It also makes Heatfish edible with no bad side effects.

It can also be used to freeze Water Essence. Doing so will still consume an Ice Essence, but you will get 2 of them as result (so basically you can turn Water Essences into Ice Essences if you have at least one Ice Essence).

The Ice Wand can be used to place some Ice (tell me if you find anything useful with this feature XD) or to summon the boss of this dimension, the Ice Ghost.


To summon him, you'll have to craft a lce Altar using some Frozen Stars, place it on 2 Ice Bricks (not the Frostbricks, but the Ice Bricks) and right-click it with an Ice Wand in hand.

The Ice Ghost is a fast and powerful melee monster that, fortunately for you, doesn't have many special abilities yet.

When killed he drops a Mana Crystal and a Fragment of Totem of Ice Affinity. And a lot of Snowballs.

The Mana Crystal is the trophy item needed to go to the next dimension, but it also has a special use: you can store it in a Mana Generator to speed it up a lot. The Mana Crystal won't be consumed and you will be able to get it back whenever you want, it's just stored in a slot. This means that fighting this boss again is useful if you want more Mana faster.

The Fragments of Totem of Ice Affinity can be combined in the usual way to create a Totem of Ice Affinity. This Totem makes you swim faster in Freezing Water and also prevents you from being frozen.

Yes, because you can now freeze enemies (just like Ice Slimes can freeze you)! Just craft a few Freezing Snowballs and throw them to the targets and they will get frozen for a few seconds, or until someone breaks the ice they are trapped into (doing so will damage the frozen mobs a bit).

Not all the mobs can be frozen (mobs from the Eternal Cold and bosses are immune for example). The Freezing Snowballs actually have a positive effect on Snowmen.

The Freeze effect can't be removed by Milk.


*Actually, there's a way to smelt Glacial Metal Ore directly into Glacial Metal Ingots. Just read the first chapters of this wiki again if you can't remember :)



The next dimension is the Flora dimension. Like the name says, this dimension is filled with plants, from flowers to walking trees!

The gem related to this dimension is the Peridot, so you'll need a few of them to get here.

To make the portal, just place some Flora Bricks in the usual way and ignite them using a Flora Scepter. Yes, I got very creative with names here.

In the Flora dimension you can find these mobs:

  • The Treant, a walking tree that attacks you on melee
  • The Explosive Treant, a Treant that wants to give you hugs, but unfortunately it explodes on contact. It's not its fault.
  • The Dreary Treant, a Treant that spawns in a specific biome
  • The Florazombie, just another Zombie variant
  • The Vegetal Skeleton, a skeleton variant
  • As always, the Enderman

Treants drop Eternal Berries, which can be eaten to restore some health (without restoring hunger) and also have a few other uses. Unlike Eternal Berries, Undead Berries dropped by Dreary Treants are useless right now.

For example, you can use them to craft a Flora Wand, that consumes Mana to create some temporary flytraps that damage non-flora mobs.


You can use some Primal Wood to craft a Mana Infuser. You can right-click an Eternal Berry on it to fill it with the mana-like liquid contained in the berry.

You can now mana-infuse many items: for example, you can turn the Ancient Iron you found in the Soul Soil into Mana-Infused Iron. You can use as a material of to craft an armor with high enchantability.


You can now also craft a new very useful block: the Amulet Table. This block is able to turn the Totems you collected (if you collected some) into powerful Amulets! It doesn't work on Totems of Undying though.

Amulets have the same effects of Totems, but while Totem only work when in hand, Amulets also work while they are in the inventory! They basically grant a passive effect at the cost of an inventory slot.

They have a limit, though. You can't have more than one Amulet in the inventory at the same time. If you have more than one, their powers will neutralize each other making you get no effects at all!

You can still combine the effects of Totems and Amulets. For example, you could have an Amulet of Fire Resistance in inventory, an Earth Totem in main hand and a Totem of Fire Resistance to get all the three effects!

In order to make an Amulet, you'll need a Totem (obviously) and a block of gems of the same type. For example, to make an Amulet of Fire Resistance, you'll need the respective Totem and a Ruby Block. The Totem will be consumed forever, so choose wisely (unless you want to fight the boss 9 times again)!


Anyway, talking about bosses, you should prepare yourself for this dimension's one: the Flora Golem!

To summon it, use a Flora Wand on a filled Mana Infuser (not the one in your house because you know bosses like destruction).

Run away from it as soon as you summon it because it will explode after a few seconds.

The Flora Golem has a lot of life and many abilities: it can remove blocks in its way, summon Treants, gain random beneficial effects and plant some Royal Flytraps around it that can harm you a lot. It can also occasionally stop moving for a bit to recover some life.

When killed it drops the Flora Heart and a Fragment of Totem of Flora Immunity.

The full Totem makes you immune from the flytraps created by the Flora Wand (not the ones planted by the Flora Golem), the Explosive Treant's hugs, Scarlet Blossoms and a few more stuff. It isn't very useful right now, but it will be improved in the next update.

The Celestial Ruins


Now let's get to the next dimension, the Celestial Ruins!

This is the last dimension before the Original World and probably one of the best I've made :)

Be prepared though, because falling in the void is easy here!

Anyway, if it wasn't clear enough, this is an air elemental dimension. The gem related to it is the Opal.

To get here you'll need a portal made of Skybricks ignited by a Scepter of the Celestial Ruins.

This dimension is made of a big central island made of Cloudstone and many variants of little flying islands. The rest is just air.

Here are the mobs you can find here:

  • The Zombie of the Skies, a zombie variant that often spawns with a parachute, preventing fall damage once
  • The Evil Cloud, a cloud that shoots at you while levitating
  • The Enderman

There are many structures in this dimension. You can find towers where parachute zombies fall from, bridges, various dungeons and some scattered pieces of the Overworld.

You can find also some Levitator blocks on some structures. When mobs walk on it, they will levitate for a bit. This can be useful to get to the top of the buildings in this dimension, or you could steal these blocks and use them for elevators, redstone contraptions and mob grinders! :)


To craft the Wand of this dimension and summon the boss, you'll need to find some Sky Crystals. They are hidden in some flying island structures, so be sure to check all of them! :P

You'll need 8 Sky Crystals to craft the Sky Wand.

It could take a while but it is worth the effort, because the Sky Wand probably is the best (basic) Wand: it makes you levitate for a bit!

Ok, it doesn't feel that epic, but just try it: it basically makes you do huge leaps that could be used to escape from enemies, quickly get to the top of mountains or jump from a flying island to another! The void will no longer be a problem (if you have Mana in your inventory)!

And the best thing is that it has no cooldowns or limits (besides the fact you need Mana for it), so you can use it while you are already levitating to do bigger leaps!

Just don't overuse it because of fall damage :P

(You can also use this Wand to craft a Tetraelemental Wand, but sometimes the whole just isn't greater than the sum of its parts...)


Anyway, you can also use this Wand to summon the boss of this dimension: the Sky Magician.

You can't summon him anywhere though. You'll need to find a specific structure where the Sky Altar is located (tip: see the image above).

You can't remove the Sky Altar (unless you have a Dark Diamond Pickaxe, which you shouldn't have), so you'll have to summon the boss in this dimension.

I recommend you to build a large platform here, to prevent you (or the boss, since he isn't a 100% flying mob yet) from falling in the void.

Anyway, right-click the Sky Altar with the Sky Wand to finally summon the Sky Magician.

When killed, he will drop a Primal Cloud and a Fragment of Totem of Cloud Falling.

The Primal Cloud is used to get to the Original World, while the full totem prevents fall damage. This is especially good  when combined with the Sky Wand and I would recommend turning it into an Amulet :)

Now, let's get to the last dimension: the Original World! Finally...

The Original World


The Original World. Where all the other dimensions came from, including the Overworld (but not including the Nether, the End and dimensions from other mods...). The long war between the light and the darkness caused it to split into many elemental realms.

In the while, the Dark Emperor reigned here, turning it into the shadow of the Overworld.

Anyway, if you completed all the progression to this point, congratulations! You've explored all those diverse realms and defeated their lords! Now, are you ready to fight the cause of all this chaos?

So, now, build a portal of-

Wait, now it's different. You fought all those bosses for a reason. The Original World is well separated from the other dimensions and only the worthy who managed to travel between all the realms the Original World was split into and defeated their bosses is allowed to access. That's why there are no Endermen here.

Anyway, to go here, craft an Altar of the Origin and place it. Open its GUI and insert there a gem for each color. Now make sure there is a lot of space in front of the Altar, then charge it using a Charging Wand.

This way you will get the portal structure. Don't try to destroy it, because the blocks won't drop. To light the portal, use a Key of the Light.

You can finally go to the Original World. Take with you the Key of the Light, because you'll need it later.

You should also take with yourself the rewards for beating the elemental lords: I'm talking about the Spectral Sapphire, the Spectral Ruby, the Spectral Amethyst, the Heart of Earth, the Mana Crystal, the Flora Heart and the Primal Cloud.


Now you are in the Original World. It looks like a dark version of the Overworld. Be careful, because many dangerous mobs can be found here, and they are:

Wait! I won't tell you this time! You'll have to discover them by yourself :)

Now, you should look for two resources: Dusk Crystals and Ores of Light.

Dusk Crystals are some blocks with a crystal-like shape. They can be found in the surface of the Original World. Some biomes might have more Dusk Crystals than the others.

Ores of Light can be found underground. They can be smelt to get Ingots of Light.

You can use Dusk Crystals to create the Key of the Darkness, an item that you will need to get to the Dark Emperor's castle.

You can also use them to create the Obscure Wand, a powerful artifact that gives you great powers but at a cost. Just try it (while having a bucket of milk in the inventory, you'll understand why) before actually using it in fights.

You can use the Ingots of the Light to craft some Altars of the Light. Craft 7 of them and keep them in your inventory, because you'll need them later.

The Ingots of the Light can also be used to create the Wand of the Light. It doesn't really do much actually, it just places some impalpable and barely visible source of light.

But the most interesting use probably is the Armor of the Light: it is the best in the mod and provides more protection than the Diamond one! Did you really think you were going to fight the Dark Emperor with a regular Diamond Armor?


Now, you should look for the Dark Emperor's castle. It can sometimes be found very near to the portal, but can also be very far away, so a Sky Wand would be useful for traveling here. For some mysterious reasons, there isn't just one castle, but many. Who knows where could the others appear from...

Anyway, once you've found the castle, you would notice there is no way to get into it, because the bricks can't be broken and the entrance is blocked by a Barrier of Darkness. This is where the Key of the Darkness comes in! Just use it on the barrier and it will vanish forever!


Now you are in the castle. Be careful, because monsters here are even more powerful than outside! And the guards of the Dark Emperor are still alive and faithful.

You can find many unique decorations here, from mysterious paintings to statues of the Dark Emperor. There are many rooms and treasures, and there also are some secrets (this whole dimension is filled with secrets!).


You should look for the throne room,where you can fight the Dark Emperor. Once you will get there, however, you will realize there only is an empty room with some guards, a bunch of statues and a big window. And there also are two paintings, one depicting the Emperor burning the magma forest and the other one is mysterious. It looks like the Dark Emperor, but in a grey world...

There is no Dark Emperor here. And the reason is it was confined in another space to prevent more destruction. He's still alive though, and the Original World will stay in this condition until someone will defeat him.

You can see that near to the window there are some blocks which seem to be waiting for someone to perform a ritual. The ritual for summoning the Dark Emperor back. Now, place the Altars of the Light on top of the glass blocks, then put the elemental items (the spectral sapphire, etc.) on them by right-clicking the Altars. If you don't know where to place the elemental rewards, you can look at the blocks under the glass, at the direction they are facing or you could just look at the RaolCraft thumbail.

Now, right-click the block at the center with the Key of the Light to start the fight.


The Dark Emperor is the strongest boss. He has 1000 life, a lot of attack and many abilities. He can heal, summon allies, gain random beneficial status effects and much more. Some of his abilities are a reference to the ones of the bosses you fought previously.

It won't be an easy fight.


If you manage to beat him, then congratulations! You've just saved the Original World and all the other dimensions from the complete eclipse and completed the mod! Well done!

Anyway, what are the rewards for beating this formidable boss? Here are them:

  • 32 Dark Diamonds: they can be used to craft the best tools of the mod and unlock the next harvest tier!
  • The Seeds of the Light: to bring the light back to the world
  • The Dark Emperor's Crown: to show who's the king now
  • Historia Imperatoris Obscuri: the story of the Dark Emperor, written by himself. Contains a little plot twist
  • A lot of experience

A lot of stuff, right? Wait - were you waiting for a totem? No, unfortunately the Dark Emperor drops no Totem (or at least not yet). But there actually is a Totem you can obtain and it is well hidden in this dimension. But RaolCraft won't be enough to find it ;)

In the future the Emperor will also spawn a portal to the Overworld in the location of the big mirror. For the moment, you'll have to go back to the portal yourself.

After the Battle

You've beaten the Dark Emperor, but there still is much to be done!

The Dark Diamond Pickaxe isn't just an improved Diamond Pickaxe and the Seeds of the Light aren't just a useless trophy!

The Dark Diamond Pickaxe can be used to mine a new tier of blocks that will unlock so many new recipes! Do you remember those materials you couldn't mine (Ghostone, Superior Amber, Lavastone, etc.)? Well, now you can harvest them!

And what about the seeds? Well, you can hoe Corrupted Dirt (using any hoe, even the ones from other mods should work) to make a new kind of farmland where you can plant the Seeds of the Light. Unlike other crops, the Seeds of the Light require no water to grow.

Anyway, when the seeds are grown, you can harvest them to get more seeds and a Gleamflower. You can put that Gleamflower in an Essence Pot (it's back!) to create an Essence of the Light.

You can use this new essence on blocks corrupted by darkness to turn them back to their original state. Just right-click it!

Dark and light blocks

For example, you can turn the Dusk Crystals into Dawn Crystals, which are used in many recipes. :)


You can use the new materials you've just discovered to craft the Wand Recreator, a block used to create new and powerful Superior Wands!

To do so, you'll need:

  • A Mana Infused Root
  • A Rune
  • 32 Superior Amber

The Superior Wands are arcane artifacts with great powers that disappeared after the light between light and darkness... To create a Superior Wand, you'll need to combine a Mana Infused Root created in a Mana Infuser, some Superior Amber found in the Soul Soil that still holds the power of ancient magic and a Rune, the source of the spell.

There are many types of Runes. Most of them can be found in the ruins of the elemental dimensions, hidden in Occult Chests. The Occult Chests can only be opened using a Key of the Darkness, the same used to open the waygate of the Dark Emperor's Castle.

Superior Wands consume a new kind of Mana, Royal Mana. They also are so powerful that have a cooldown (an effect called Mana Overload) that prevents you from using any Superior Wand for a bit. The cooldown can't be removed by drinking milk.

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