awakening of kingdoms

Started by macmaster on Tue, 09/25/2018 - 01:38

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awakening of kingdoms
Tue, 09/25/2018 - 01:38

hello i am making a mod of adventure, battles, and others. it is called the awakening of kingdoms. i will tell you about it in 4 parts monsters, items,  dimension and biomes, and leveling



  • i will make new types of zombies and skeletons like a frozen zombie(frosted) a water skeleton(soaked) and the two jungle infected zombie and skeleton and many more.
  • i will make thee types of bosses: the mini boss, the normal boss, and the super boss.
  • i will make many more monsters so don,t think there will just be zombie and skeleton types

  • one last note these monster textures will look a little bad but they will still be strong.


  • there will be two new type of items called: legendary weapons and charms
  • new weapon type sorta called magic i could not make a mana bar so i made a item called mana also some other items too.
  • one last note: again the item textures will not be good but the idea is good.


dimension and biomes:

  • i want to add many 3 to 5 dimensions to my mod
  • i also want a few biomes to be added maybe 2 to 4



  • i did not add this yet so don't think it maybe added
  • i will make it so that some items you cant use unless if you are the same or higher level or maybe something else
  • if i were to add it i will make it that you have to kill amount of zombies


i hope you think this mod i am working on is good and tell me if you have any ideas