How to Make a Cow-like Mob

Started by GamesRuleYears on Mon, 07/01/2019 - 17:34

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How to Make a Cow-like Mob
Mon, 07/01/2019 - 17:34

So, I was wanting to make a cow, but I could not figure it out for a while. I have not seen many people asking for or wanting this, so I decided to post this anyway. Basically, to make a cow-like mob, you need to check for a certain item that the player is holding. In my case, it was a bucket.


You will not get any errors in the gradle process(at least in my case I did not), but the mob will have a red 'error' in the procedure page. It will say that "itemstack" is not provided, but it wont care and neither should you. I also don't know if this brakes anything at all and further testing could uncover some.


Step 1: Make the mob. Simple.

Step 2: Go to the page to add procedures and create a new procedure for "when right clicked on mob"

Step 3: Create an if statement

Step 4: in Logic Operations, drag the "=" 2nd to last in the list into the if statement.

Step 5: Go to Minecraft Components and get the "Provided Item" block and put it to the left of the = sign. If it does not go in, you grabbed the wrong one.

Step 6: Get the very top block of Minecraft Components to the right of the = sign. Select the item you want to be consumed(Like a bucket)

Step 7: In the "Do" section of the if statement, go to player procedures and add the Remove and Add from provided player's inventory blocks

Step 8: In the Add block, put the item you want to be given to the player(Like milk). In the Remove block, put the item you want consumed there.


This process with make it seem like the Gradle will error, but it will in fact, not error. This will make your mob be able to be "milked" like a cow. I hope that this helps someone out at some point.

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