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Tue, 08/13/2019 - 23:01 (edited)

In, here is my forum discussion for my mod. I will, release any extra details within here residing about my mod that I do not put on "Development Logs" in the description. I will, try to answer all questions provided here. If, this forum ends, that means the name has changed. Mod, is no longer being updated. The mod has been shutdown or I took a short break. Any suggestion will go here instead of the download. All, bug reports, please go to my discord and put it in #bug-reports-AA (This may be changed by the time the discord exist.) There, will be testers randomly selected per, testing session. Distributing, test will result in a kick from the discord, and you can no-longer be a tester again. Testers, have access to early versions of the mod, and basically prior experience of the mod for when its fully released. Asking, for tester/staff can result in mutes and warns depending on how many times, you constantly asked.


If, I have done anything wrong please inform me. This is my first Forum


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