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Thu, 08/15/2019 - 17:48 (edited)

You want to have a "Haunted World" in Minecraft? I will tell you that is this mod, for you understand this things are REALLY!

Ready for read this horror story? I wait your replies below for see your reactions! Don't forget to ask to me many questions on this mod, or simply write that you thinks.

Note that Story isn't really. Thanks you for read this importants sentences.


Beginning to a created world, for see that this mod add in our game.

I create a world, and i launch it, and i wait some ten seconds, before starting my survival test. I do like everybody: i go break wood first, and i craft a wooden pickaxe for break some stones for more stuffs. After ten minutes, i maked a little house in wood, and a little cobblestone path to my house. The night is coming, and i maked a bed for avoid this first night. The next day, i leaves my house, and i go to mine news nearest ores. In mining, i discover a hidden room, and to the center a sign, and i had readed "This space is short, right? But, a Minecraft world is a lot very more big than this little chamber! I will soon coming be return in my...", the following was discontinued, strangely when this unknow user was going to write his position. It is normally impossible to view that in a vanilla Minecraft. This mod is maybe HAUNTED! I return in my little house, and i prepare my armor, for be in totally security, i make a second armor and some stuffs for respawn with all under the hand, and i go search the source of this sign, and i am talking about the strange sentence i had readed.

In my adventure for search the unknow user

But, wait... i am in Singleplayer Mode, and who can enter my world without put files in my minecraft world file?! After i thinks i had maked this sign, by a big blackout, and i run always into a unknow place, i had no goal actually. Later, i fall in a hole, and i had see a strange skin in the top of it. I am very disturbed, and i run in a dark cave. Suddenly, i am in my bed, and i stay very disturbed when i know this was a dream, i would says a NIGHTMARE! It's the third day, so i don't see the second day, but never mind, i am maybe in this second day!

During a ride, i see far off a Steve, with a zombie and bloody face, with the same Steve's texture color! I stay in see this strange thing, when, suddenly, he is teleported in front of me! I am jumped back, and my game crashes. I am decided to return in this map, and write message in front of this very strange thing, i through it was a user. In game, he was disppeared, and i write a speedy message in the tchat "Who are you?", and i wait. After two minutes, i see a unnerving message in the tchat "WORLD IS MINE!", and i answer to it "Who are you for say that?!". After some minutes without reply, i write "Are you a Hacker?", and a message suddenly appear "Do you have a stuff?", "What?! What do you want?!", "Do you have a stuff?", "Which stuff do you want?!". This discussion continued, until i say "DO YOU WANT?! YOU WANT BOTHER ME?! WHO ARE YOU! REPLY PLEASE! I AM FED UP OF THAT!", the user write suddenly "Can i see you?", and i answer to him "NO", and he don't write message after my last message. Later, when i am in a big and dark forest, i see a light to the depth, and i see a head on a stone block, and a sign "I find you now...". I am runned away, so a dark character followed me, and i die. I respawn on a lava hole, and i fell to infinity, with the user to the right, and he write "HAVE FUN IN YOUR GAME!", and some unnerving sounds and noises accompanied this MADNESS! Suddenly, the game make a second crashes, and when i go to my world, he was NO LONGER HERE!

To be continued...


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