The Newer Things For MCreator 1.9.1

Started by Nouyoule on Sat, 08/17/2019 - 17:18

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The Newer Things For MCreator 1.9.1
Sat, 08/17/2019 - 17:19 (edited)

For MCreator 1.9.1, we want to have many things, here is i had take for help the developpers to make the MCreator Version that a lot wait:

  1. Make a Baby Version in MCreator.
  2. More models  (by example add the Iron Golem, Guardian etc...).
  3. Custom animations (a choice for the modder) for custom models.
  4. Custom size for mobs and other models.
  5. More procedures (When mob attacking player - When mob have number on his health etc...).
  6. Make more achievement platforms (Minecraft can have a background for achievements).
  7. Add Gamemodes and Difficults mode.
  8. Custom spawn eggs (we can make custom spawn eggs with a item, but not like a real egg, and the position in Misc. is fake for a spawn egg).
  9. Make a mob can be transformed (like a villager can be a witch when he is in lighting area) without pass the mob must die.
  10. Make custom size for overlay (for custom image like loading screen by example).
  11. Available animation maker without programming (make by example a mob attack like a Iron Golem).
  12. Advanced overlay (by example a custom lifebar and a procedure for don't be hurted a lot of times by seconds).
  13. Custom recipe block (and you can put your recipe table in the recipe mod).
  14. Custom portals (like the End portal) and more portals.
  15. We can edit some codes in classic Minecraft mobs (for don't destroyed all Minecraft functions).
  16. Custom distance damage (like a Guardian) and custom melee attack.
  17. Flying mobs (like Wither, but without be hostile and attack everything).
  18. Advanced procedures (like the mod Mutant Creatures, where the Mutant Zombie launch in the sky the player and make a big jump in doing a animation).
  19. Custom transparence mobs (we can not make a slime with transparence).
  20. Make animations for blocks (like a Chest can be openned and closed).
  21. All animated things (mobs_ block_ items, custom draws etc...) and advanced Scratch Texture Maker.

Sorry if it is a very long list, but it is important to put these functionnalities into MCreator, for diversify the software and be free to make a lot of things without programming, but leaves some things only on programming for don't forget it.

I hope you like these ideas, i take the time for put that i thinks the most importants things to add in the next version of MCreator.

Edited by Nouyoule on Sat, 08/17/2019 - 17:19
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