How to Externally/Manually Export mod workspace to Shareable Zip

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How to Externally/Manually Export mod workspace to Shareable Zip
Sun, 09/27/2020 - 04:30 (edited)

Manually Exporting your workspace to Shareable Zip Archive

This tutorial will show you how to do the same thing as the "Export Workspace to Shareable Zip" in the file section of MCreator, but manually. You do not need Mcreator open to do this.  Do this if you have any of these problems:

  • The Export workspace to shareable zip button does not work. 
  • It takes too long to do the task using mcreator, or you have a big mod.
  • You are backing up your mod with all of your necessary data.
  • The zip file created by MCreator hogs up disk space.

1. Build your workspace or Export your mod.

Press Control + B on your keyboard for windows or Command + B on a Mac. Wait for the gradle/console to say build successful.  This is to ensure your code has been compiled and your workspace is built up to date to reduce risk of corruption.

What your console should look like after you complete this step.

2.  Find the workspace directory for your mod you want to back up or share.

Your mod workspace folder on windows should be this: <Drive Letter>: Users\<Your Username>\MCreatorWorkspaces\<Example Mod>

Example of workspace folder for the mod Blocks, Tools, Realms and Beyond


3. Select these folders and files from this directory

These folders should be selected:

  • elements - Contains .json files for all of your mod elements and their settings
  • models - Contains custom models and configurations for those models
  • (Optional) run - The directory for your minecraft testing environment (Resource packs, worlds, etc. for your mods .)  
  • src - Contains all of your assets, data, and source code. (Texture files, sound files, recipes, structures, loot tables, java files, etc.)
  • <mod-id>.mcreator - Contains workspace settings, configuration that tells if a mod element is locked code, fails to compile, name of mod elements, registry name of mod elements, mod element types, etc.

The folders and files that should be selected for your zip file.


4.  Zip the selected files and folders

Either use archive software or click the zip button in the "Share" tab at the top of your file explorer to send these files to a zip folder. Make sure these files are not inside a subfolder in the archive file.


5. Rename and move the .zip file to another folder.

Rename the zip folder to something like "<Mod Name or Abbreviation of mod name>_<Mod Version>_<Date>." Move it out to another folder like an archive or on another drive.

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