Too Much Things | The Four Gods: Loppadi

Started by OrangeOH on Mon, 09/28/2020 - 20:46

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Too Much Things | The Four Gods: Loppadi
Mon, 09/28/2020 - 20:46

Let's talk about the second god, Loppadi! Loppadi is a young boy, and didn't just appear. Loppadi actually has a story behind him. He is very shy and doesn't speak much, but he does negotiate from time to time with Ral and Wildier. Loppadi is the god of Glowvines. He loves the wildlife and the color green. He also loves Golden Rod flowers that appear in the plains and forests.

Story: Loppadi was born in Lup before time was even tracked, so he had a hard life. His mom was a farmer and his dad was a gardener who loved to plant Golden Rod flowers. Lup was a city filled with Glowvines, and so his dad had to clean the basement very often. His dad had special scissors to cut the vines...but it was still very difficult to cut them. One day he went into his basement to wash the dirty clothes, but he found a red Glowvine. He got near it with his hand over his nose so he couldn't smell the horrible odor that came from the rough vines. Then suddenly...the vines grabbed him quickly. He was never seen again, but the townspeople believe that he lied in the shrines throughout the world.

Pronunciation: (loppady)