[LOTS OF IDEAS!] Custom Item Invetory Rendering / Blocking Items / Mob Item Rendering Slot and more!

Started by Nikk on Thu, 06/17/2021 - 16:42

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[LOTS OF IDEAS!] Custom Item Invetory Rendering / Blocking Items / Mob Item Rendering Slot and more!
Thu, 06/17/2021 - 17:30 (edited)

1) Custom Item Inventory Rendering: we have that for blocks can we get that for items and ranged items, but without rendering in hand only on inventories, ground, item frames etc.? It really make easier making vanillla-like custom modeled items like trident e.g. spears.

2) Blocking Item: To section Tools add new type of tool Shield or add like ranged items Blocking Item section what could have:

-Protection Height (x,y+1,z) : 2 (as default) e.g. if somebody wants to make small shield changing value to 1 will make it protect only body and head but will be ably to take damage on legs

-Protection Width: (x,y+1,z): 1 (as default) e.g. if somebody want to make wider shiled e.g. with value 3 it will block attacks from not only front but also sides (left/right).

-Durability: 336 (deafult) like any other tool

-Protective Value: 1 (default) how many hits with axes can take before getting cooldown

Even without this things I mentioned just adding Blocking Item feature wound be usuful, making custom shields would be much faster and easier.

3) Mob Item Rendering Slot: While adding new java model there could be button on bottom "add item rendering slot left or right and window to chose model/bone piece to become rendering slot(this way people who want to make four arm mobs or something similar will be able to do that)" and this part of model will be invisible and will generate item in it that player choose (in Equipment on Living Entity section) in direction that box in model is rotated. There could also that for armor but that probably wound be much more complicated idk.

4) Crops: can we can crops separated from Plant? It wound be nice to not make dozens of long procedures to make crops

Features suggestion:

-Amount of stages, chosen amount will give that amount of texture slots

-Growing time in ticks

-Plant Item

-Drop Item (like most of block relate things)

-Plant Type: Block (pumpkin/melon like) Type or Crop (wheat, carrots etc.) Type

5) Area Cloud Procedures: Area Clouds are potion clouds from lingering potions, there is not many toturials about this command feature in vanilla minecraft (I myself needed watch czech toturial(I don't speak czech) to make features for my mod) so adding procedures boxes like:

-If Entity is in area cloud (box for get level/amplifier of Entity of potion) (select box-potion) 

-Spawn Area Cloud (level) (ticks for potion) (ticks for cloud) (radius) of potion (select box-potion) at x y z 

-Remove Area Cloud at x y z

-Remove Area Cloud of potion (select box-potion) at x y z

-Spawn Area Cloud with particles (ticks for cloud) (radius) (select box-particle)  at x y z

-Remove Area Cloud with particles (select box-particle) at x y z

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