Unique Food Stalks Mod v1.0.0


Unique Food Stalks Mod v1.0.0:


New Berries:

Aqua Berry

Pepper Berry


Added a new Item that Crushes Ore into sugar by putting it in the left bottom of crafting table with one sugar can above it and the ore on its right.


Sugar from Ores:

Coal Sugar

Iron Sugar

Lapis Sugar

Gold Sugar

Diamond Sugar

Emerald Sugar

Quartz Sugar

Glowstone Sugar


Cookies and Pies can be made using either one of the sugars or one of the new berries in same crafting recipe as Pumpkin Pie and Cookies.


Aqua Berries are found on Beaches, (Also near most water sources).

Pepper Berries are found in Desert and thus do not require water nearby sand.


Current Issues:

May have to place Aqua Berry Plants on sand near water in order for it to grow.

Tends to break itself when placed on sand without water beside sand.

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Submitted by Berdi2 on Mon, 01/01/2018 - 18:48

I can't craft the Cookies

I don't currently remember how I set the recipes up myself for them but I think it's normal recipe but with the cocoa beans replaced and all ingredients may have to be in the bottom row. I plan to he updating this mod in the future to 1.12.2 version. I'm just not sure when I'll have it finished.