McDonalds Food

Submitted by SexyBeast on Fri, 12/26/2014 - 06:04

You know guys, I like food, and I like food mods, so I thought to myself "hmmmm .  . . maybe I should make one" and so I did!

Introducing the Mcdonald's Food mod!

As the title states, it has food from McDonalds, the mod is still incomplete I'll be making updates later on.

So far, the mod has 13 delicious burgers!!!

Oh, and I almost forgot, I'm not good with making recipies  . . . so this mod has no recipies, have fun cheating or play semi-legit.

The items in the game so far:

Big Mac, Quarter Pounder with Cheese, Bacon Clubhouse Burger, Bacon Habanero Ranch Quarter Pounder, Bacon and Cheese Quarter Pounder,
Deluxe Quarter Pounder, Double Quarter Pounder with Cheese, Hamburger, Cheeseburger, BBQ Ranch Burger, Grilled Onion Cheddar Burger, Double Cheese Burger,
and the McDouble.

I need 18 more sandwiches to complete the burger portion of the mod!

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