mcdonalds mod

Published by escuelo on Sun, 12/28/2014 - 22:47
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This is a small but cool mod and theres only food at the moment but i will add a toolset and armor also mobs next week and if you are a big fan of burger king this is the mod for you here is what it has so far foods:fries,hamburger,ice cream drinks:coca cola and that is what this mod has at the moment but but it is only 30% done so keep in mind that this is not all that it will have it will have much much much more and i know that in my last mod that this would be out on wednesday but i decided that i would put this mod online sooner because i made it this morning at 11 thirty so i had it ready but i waited to publosh it then i decided that i would put this up sooner so that peaple who want one of mcdonalds could have it sooner. By the way today later a slenderman mod will be out so i will see you later

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