Emerald Mod v2.0.0 NEW! UPDATED! 1.7.10

Published by savvasl on Tue, 12/30/2014 - 15:29
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New updated version !!! Emerald Mod !!!

For Minecraft 1.7.10

This new update of the mod gives you everything you wanted!!.

Now we added all the emerald tool and only for minecraft players the special emerald ARMOR!!!

Feel free to use our tools that last for 4000 uses!!

1) New Special emerald Sword.

1 hit kills everything and it can be enchanched in maximun level!!!

2) The new incredible emerald pickaxe!!!

It does 70% damage to players and mobs.

Can be used up to 4.000.

Destroys everything in no time.

Oh when destroying obdisian block its 3x faster that the diamond pickaxe.

3) The epic new emerald Axe.

It destroyies wood in no time!!!!

It can be used 4.000 times.

4) The emerald Spade.

Destroyies gravel, sand and dirt in notime. Faster than the light speed.

Can be used 4.000 Times.

5) The emerald Hoe.

Given by gods to farmers.

4.000 uses.

6) And last but not least the emerald ARMOR

About unlimited uses.

The recipes are the same as ingame just use emeralds!!!

Created by lelekiss-savvasl.

Have Fun!!!

To contact with me and for any bugs.

Facebook: Savvas Lelekis

Gmail: lelekis.savvas@gmail.com

Hotmail: savvas.lelekis@hotmail.com




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In development
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Just don't forget to download the recipes file. Have Fun!!!!!!

If having problems or something unexpected happened please comment.I'll do my best to help you.

well now the updated version is the best i have ever made. the first one i had made wasn't good at all