Minecraft Pickle Mod 1.7.10 1.1.0

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This mod adds Pickles,Pickle Tools,Pickle Mobs,and More! This mod is new so suggest ideas! First of all there is Pickle Ore that spawns in your world and drops 4 pickles when mined. The Ore is rare. The tools are the same as diamond and the Armor is the same as Iron. There is a pickle lamp That produces tiny light. There is a pickle block that gives you saturation for 10 seconds.There is a pickle zombie that drops a pickle shard that can be crafted into a pickle nugget wich then can be crafted into a pickle. There are small pickle ghasts that cannot fly butt are deadly. Also there are pickle apples wich give you saturation for ten seconds. Finnaly there is the pickle gun wich uses pickles as amo. When the bulet hits a block it explodes. Use NEI Mod to figure out the recipes. I hope you enjoy this funny mod! 

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PICKLES!! LOL, Thanks for actually having a downloadable file this time. seem liked a funny mod but i had to remove the last one because you didnt give a download.

You have to Look on the right of your screen and it should say pickle mod.jar and you click that then you click save