Sub's InsanityCraft

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A Simple W.I.P Mod focusing around Insanestone Ore (i will change name soon).

Mining this certain ore will give you Insanestone dust, which you can eventually process into an expensive but overpowered set of tools and armour.

So far i have also added a super tool, and a Sniper Rifle (which is very fun to play around with in creative flat world.

In my next update/version of this mod, i will add more guns, more armour, tools, mobs, and maaaaybe a dimension filled with different structures and supplies to get better and better.

Anyway thanks for reading this, and i hope you download and try my mod out! Bye!

  -  SubInsanityMC



Modification files

Sounds Good, I will try it out now! Also I could help with the textures if u want, and I will send the textures for items and things if u agree with this, u can send the ideas and I ill texture it then u can put I in the mod! Also the dimension is a great idea. let me know if I can help!

Maybe add in a bigger explosion for the Nucular Bomb, but other than tat its a nice simple mod! and I like the rifle. also another mob would be nice, Something peaceful like insane villager or something!