Dungeon Master

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This mod was largley made to make Minecraft feel more like an RPG. It is Also the very first version, so keep in mind that much more will be added!

What this mod adds:

- 3 New Mobs

- 3 New Bosses

- 4 New Ores

- 16 new weapons


This mod is largley focused on adding new weapons and mobs. The new ores are Fairy Ore, Ninja Ore, Elven Ore and Titanum Ore, each one has 2-4 weapons, and one weapon from each ore does 50 damage so you can have your choice. Each ore is relativley rare. Lastly, don't worry about putting this on your server, I will refrain from adding new ores so yuo don't have to reset the world for a new version.

Modification files

I have a few suggestions
1. No ninja ore, fairy ore, or elven ore, it makes it look unprofessional. You should get ninja/fairy/eleven stuff from ninjas, fairies, and elves.

2. 50 damage is a bit much, it should be much weaker, diamond is only 7.

3. Generated structures to go with the mobs.

@#1 Thanks for the suggestion, but I was planning on adding in those mobs later and they would drop rare weapons. Also, the mobs in my game have high health, with my normal mobs having 50-70 and my bosses having 2000-5000. I am planning to add generated structures though. Thanks for the suggestion