the wood dimension!

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This is a relatively small mod that consists of a new fluid and a new dimension. (The dimension is also made of wood (from trees), bedrock, and redstone ore. It is also in the form of the nether) As you can guess, both are mostly made of wood planks. The only bad thing is there is a glitch where Zombie Pigmen randomly spawn from the portal, although there are none of them in the dimension.  The mobs that do spawn in the dimension are mostly from the overworld:  creepers, skeletons, etc.  The way you create the portal is you make a nether portal out of wood planks then ignite it with a wood rod (crafted from two sticks).  The portal will turn turquoise colored and will then you will be able to jump in and explore!

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this is also an especially great mod if you are lost in a desert biome with only 14 wood planks and 2 sticks, DEFINITELY not enough to build a home, but enough to go to the wood dimension and get enough.

O_o useful or useless? Is There A Wooden Ore Because That Will Be Useful When Mining If You Have No Sticks Or Wood!!!

sorry, the mod is still a work in progress.
I will try to add that later.

try to download the mod again.
I added wood ore, which once mined can be smelted into a wood shard, then craft 4 wood shards into 9 wood planks.

Submitted by SimonSays on Mon, 01/12/2015 - 22:23

I think this mod is very creative! I have never seen a wood dimension in my life!