Five Night At Freddy's 2 Mod

Published by 10crae1 on Mon, 01/12/2015 - 22:38
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Five Night At Freddy 2 Mod inspired game FNaF 2. It includes all animatronics. It also includes their favorite object. There a total of 9 items and 11 mob. items andmob are not very useful unless cupcake and crochet. Mobs spawn rarely naturally. It's mostly a fun mod     Items:     Freddy's Microphone:   Not much, he is dropped by Freddy and Toy Freddy and craft 2 stick and with 1 noteblock     Bonnie's Guitar:   Not much, he is dropped by Bonnie and Toy Bonnie and craft 1 stone, 1 stick and 1 block of redstone     Chica's Cupcake:   Used to feed 1.5 of hunger, he is dropped by Chica and Toy Chica and craft 1 bread, 1 cookie and with 1 magenta dye     Foxy's Hook:   Used to fight, it more 12 attack, it is twice as powerful as a diamond sword, he is dropped by Foxy and crafts 3 iron ingots,1 oak wood planks     BB's Balloon:   Not much, he is dropped by BB and craft 2 stick and 1 yellow wool     Fazbear's Pizza: Used to feed 5 of hunger, is not dropped and craft 8 cheese and 1 tomato sauce   And other items...     Mob:   Freddy,Bonnie,Chica,Foxy,Toy Freddy,Toy Bonnie,Toy Chica,Mangle,Golden Freddy,Balloon Boy,The Puppet     If you believe there howler it is always not. In the mod ''FNaF 3 Mod''. Must wait :P Bye.    
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is there a golden freddy? or item that the puppetmaster drops?