Better Vanila Mod 1.7.10

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-Patch 1.7.10 Adds:

New Ores

New Toolsets

New Mobs

New Dimentions

New Food

New Bosses

New Bows

New Blocks


Thank you for installing this mod and improving your MC experience. If you want to ask me something just massege me. Mcreator told me to write 100 words...but idk what to say really. so here's some boss stats!

--Marty the Ice King--

HP: 780

Attack: 5 Hearts.

Speed: Very Fast!
Exp: 960

Drops: Rainbow Sword
Rare Drop: 50 Golden Apples


Xper the Creeper King

HP: 660
Attack: 5,5 Hearts
Speed: Fast
EXP: 565
Drops: Redstone Bow
Rare Drop: Rainbow Sword


HP: 1680
Attack: 3,5
Speed: Very Fast
EXP: 1000
Drops: Gold Cookie
Rare Drop: Holy Gem

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In development
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Submitted by Rileystar on Sun, 01/18/2015 - 23:28

Cool! please download the better mining mod! :)