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Published by madmanu on Sun, 01/18/2015 - 18:16
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Hello evryone ! Today I'm gonna show you the first version of the Beekeeper Mod ! Enjoy :D
In this mod you will be able to own hive and produce wax and honey !
The first step is to create a scoop and try to find some bee flower (a yellow flower with some bee flying) . Right click on these flower and you will get a bee or if you are lucky a queen .

With 8 bees and a queen you can create a swarn (aka a colony of bees) and use it to create your first hive !

The hive produce comb a bit slowly . To process you have to put simple flower on each edge . It will produce comb only on daytime , when the ive is ready it produce some smoke , right click and you will get your comb !

Now you have to make a honey foundry with some iron , take your comb abd a bottle for the honey and a bowl for the wax and rightclick the foundry with th comb to fill your bowls .

With the wax you can make more torch and the honey is a good food but can also creat bandage with paper that will heal you 2 hearts in a second !

Note : this just the first version ;) more on update :D more bee spicies , automation , etc ...

Modification files - take car of your bees ;)97.93 KB

note : i have not copied forestry : i inspired from the real life of beekeepers

you seems to like it so i submit for the mod of the week :) enjoy !

i like it but u shoult not BEEable to walk over the hive u should beabe to walk though it

Congratz MadManU, I figured this mod would be good for popular mod of the week.