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I hope you guys like it and enjoy using it. I plan on keep uploading updates with diffrent ores and tools and armors. If you'd like me to update it. I also mite add some new mobs bosses and maybe a new dimension with dragons. Hope you enjoy it also i mite add special weapons  tools  armors . So i will keep all you Mcreator fans in touch with how this mod is going also i am doing a comment adding so if you have a idea I mite add it




Items: Full Emerald no axe but a saw with armor and all tools

Items:Full Lapis no axe but a saw with armor and all tools

Items:Full Titaniumn no axe but a saw with armor and all tools and gives you a special ability

Items: Dragon Egg

Ores: Diamond , Emerald ,Redstone ,Coal ,Iron ,Gold ,Lapis , Titaniumn

Lapis you have to put it in a crafting table .

I iam sorry theres not much in the mod but im adding lots more so if youd be nice enough and comment your ideas i might add it if you comment and like also please no rude comments and if your a youtuber can you do a mod review and maybe some future ones so thanks for checking my mod out and i suggest making your own mods its fun and it helped me understand coding a bit more so peace out also this mod is WIP I plan on still adding a lot more .

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can you describe your mod a little more in the description?
...still, yours is better than planets's. he just said "best mod ever" a zillion times and i was like "no it isn't."