Better Mine Mod


 This mod add:                                          Esse mod adiciona:


-Swords                                                      -Espadas

-Tools                                                         -Ferramentas

-Boss                                                          -Chefes

-Ores                                                          -Minérios

-Armors                                                      -Armaduras


                       Este mod foi criado por um brasileiro cujo nome é Angel Gabriel 


                       This mod is created by brazilian Angel Gabriel

All recipes it's easy and is recomendable to use the Too Many Itens whit this mod for a best experience

This mod don't cause conflict whit another mods.

This is my first mod and this mod dont go to have future versions

It's a test mod

To make the itens you go need of the material and sticks

The booses go spawn in your world normally



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In development
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