Diamond Dimension

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Have Fun With This New Dimension :)



The Portal is made with block of Diamond just in a shape of a nether portal.

To get the portal igniter Pure Diamond is to get 8 Block of Diamonds on a crafting table with a Diamond in the middle.

To ignite the portal just RClick in the portal frame with Pure Diamond and then your portal will be ignited.



How to get a Custom Portal.

to get a custom portal like the one on my Plasma Cannon simply create the portal and mine the Block of Diamond around it and replace it with any block you wish or just leave it empty.You can also pick lock the portal to get the portal in creative then place it anywhere you wish.

Mine basicly anywhere in the Dimension and you will get either block of Diamond or Block of Gold.

The bottom of the dimension is water so you can jump without being hurt



The new mobs are passive so theres really no need to kill them.

Nether Fortresses and Wooden houses Spawn in this Dimension



Emerald Golems Drop Emeralds and sometimes a iron sword or chain armour

Golden Golems  Drop Gold ingots and sometimes a gold armour set or gold sword

Diamond Golems Drop Diamonds and sometimes a diamond sword or armour



diamond nether mobs and diamond weapons will be added in the future as well as emerald in the dimension




RLL nicked "The Mage"




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In development
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Submitted by Honeyslush on Sat, 01/31/2015 - 08:56

Awesome mod 50 million star keep up the great work

Thanks its the first mod ive created.Its really lagy on my computer that world with my plasma canon had to get deleted becuase of lag it just froze and left minecraft and couldnt get back on the world :( But thats bad news the good news is its getting updated when 1.8 mcreator comes out and also i might have a vote to keep and fix the golems or just get rid of them for less lag. Thanks for saying how good my mod is on better quality computers. Also i cant make videos so help yourself to making and sharing a video on it :)

I have a similair mod but loads more stuff than this good job tho!

It will be updated to fix or remove golems ill talk about it in a few secs:-)

Vote to fix the golems or replace them with new diamond mobs and new items
The one with most votes by 2 weeks will win the mysterious diamond mobs or fix the golems
Either way the mobs are passive. GOOD LUCK :-)

hey no one voted well then the mobs are getting replaced hope you dont miss them

Guys when 1.8 comes out I will be fixing everything and heres a little spoiler the Gem update