Starz Mod

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This mod adds in the following: Star Powder (Can Be Fuel), Star Proccesser, End Stone (Is Now Craftable!), Nether Star (Is Now Craftable!), Space Boots, Space Leggins, Space Chestplate (Gives Slowness When Worn), Solid Cloud (When Right Clicked Toggles Down Fall), Meteor, Angel (Mob), Corrupted Angel (Mob), Angel Egg (Spawns Angel), Corrupted Angel Egg (Spawns Corrupted Angel), Nether Castle (Structure That Spawns In Nether), Moon Fragment (No Current Use), Pickaxe Of Stars, Meteor Staff, Space Zombie (Mob), Astronaut (Mob), Moon (Command).


Hope you enjoy this mod i whipped up! The next mod i make will be the "Wild West" and following that will be the "Prisons Mod".  -Nomron Mod Maker

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