Infinity Swords [1.7.10]

Published by Fun_SIZES on Mon, 02/02/2015 - 04:47
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Infinity Swords Mod! [1.7.10]


This Mod is Based off of Infinity Blade but due to copyright reasons...

it is called Infinity Swords. Adds plenty of swords.

Since I made this a while back i lost the crafting recipes.

So if you find how to make them you can tell me right away!

Theres also a new item called compressed iron you see on creative!

I hope you enjoy!

If you don't know what Infinity Blade is its a very High-Res game which is split into 3 parts.


Here's a pic of 3 swords and the iron!




Please support me on my mods for I have just started making them!

If this goes well I will make Infinity Swords II

Any youtuber please make a mod review!


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