Bluestone Tools Mod

Published by piuser8 on Tue, 02/10/2015 - 00:36
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This is my first mod!


You need powerful tools?

The diamond is hard to found?

This is your mod! I present...

Bluestone Tools Mod! With this mod you can make tools with a weird material called Bluestone!. AND IS TOO EASY TO FOUND! 10 hours searching diamonds? Say goodbye to diamonds. BEACAUSE THIS IS MORE POWERFUL!. You use a stone sword? Say goodbye to the stone and use the Bluestone for make a 11-damage-attack sword! You use the wood pickaxe? BOOM! Say goodbye to the wood and hello to the Bluestone. And the axe? You can use the new Bluestone Axe and get the wood in a faster way. Download now!


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