The Devil Mod

Published by Pix200700 on Tue, 02/10/2015 - 16:55
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This Is My First Mod

There Will Be Added More,This Is Just Version 1.1

I Suggest That You Install This Mod With TooManyItem's For The Crafting Recipies It Could Help A Lot.

There Are Two Dimensions But There Will Be Added Another One Soon.

Also There Will Be Added A Creative Tab And Some New Armor's And Gem's.

Maybe Some Gun's,Food And Biome's.

Here Are Some Block Name's From The Mod:

Evil Grass :When You Place One He Explodes After 40 Seconds

Ancient Ruby Ore :This Ore Is Used For Creating One Of The Strongest Armor's Of The Mod,Really Difficult To Find


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In development
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Devil Mod V2.jar - A Mod With Armor,Biome,Tools,Dimensions And More230.42 KB