The Goo Armor and Tools Mod

Published by Absol4Life on Tue, 02/10/2015 - 22:06
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This is my very first mod thanks to MCreator!

This mod is called the Goo Mod if you didnt look at the title already!

Keep in mind that this mod is an in progress mod meaning that there are still stuff im making for it!

The mod consists of Goo Ore, Goo Tools, Goo Armor and a Goo Block!

The Goo Ore can be found in the caves only! It also doesnt spawn in the Nether!

Goo Ore drops Goo (obviously) which can be later crafted into the other items!

There are all types of Goo Tools (except for hoes) which are made like normal items except with goo instead of said mineral! Same thing goes for Goo Armor!

There is a Goo Block which can give you a jump boost by right-clicking it! To craft it just put goo in a 3x3 square in the crafting table!

That is all so far for now! You can put ideas in the comments and any bugs!


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