Red Granite Armor, Weapons, and Tools

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My first mod made using MCeditor. Includes a full set of red granite armor, with pick, axe, hoe, and shovel. Weapons are a dagger, sword, battleaxe, and spear. A new block, red granite, is also added and spawns throughout the world. Only items needed to craft are sticks and red granite chunks. Armor and weapons are totally overpowered. Red granite chunks are fairly common, so its easy to obtain and create in survival.


updated v1.3:   changed red granite block textures, armor textures tweaked.

updated v1.4:    dropped item textures for armor pieces now match weapons and tools, everything matches with each other.

FYI: i know there is some clipping with sword and dagger, working on it.

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Red Granite Armor Tools - v1.4 - red granite armor, weapons, and tools77.24 KB

Granite Armour?? That is armour made of ROCKS. Its also an unnaturally potent red colour, and the armour doesn't match. These are some fixes you should do. Another thing. No more (random thing)weapons, tools, and armour mods. Nobody wants them, there are too many.

@#1 A. Thanks for the feedback. B. The armor textures you see in the pic aren't the actual look of the armor, i just hadn't done their dropped item textures yet. You're right, it's red, almost unnatually, but thats what i was going for. C. My first attempt at a mod, so of course I was going to start with armor and tool/weapons. Appeared the easiest to start with. I know there are tons and TONS and TONs of armor weapon mods. D. There isn't a "stone" armor in vanilla MC so thats why I went with granite. Reminded me of Runescape. The armor does match the weapons and tools, you just have to put it on to see it. Obviously tons of room for improvement, I can see that :)