superblock mod

Submitted by crocy1 on Sat, 02/14/2015 - 01:05

superblock my mod is about this block that im makeing or my frend and it is alsow for this school project  we need to invent something sow ya thats what im doing and alsow i jest want to have fun with it and make my frends imprest with it. and bild epic things with it like castels houses secret stof tempelsdecoration troling andol cinds of stof il show people put it on pubic places sow people can downlowd it for ther minecraft i mite yous it for mod packs i will put it on the internet for picters and they can see the stof i wrote about it  and my frends can get it and they can yous it i can yous it with mod packs myfrends can yous it with a mod pack , they can hav fun with it do what ever they whant with it

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The block itself seems alittle static. How about playing abit with either different textures on the sides, so that the colors connect nicely, or animated textures?