Modern Battlefield Mod

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Modern Battlefield Mod v1.0.0 is made for multiplayer takeover game.  The goal is to blow up the opponent's bunker while defending your own.  It adds guns and ammo to help fight through battle and new armor to protect and to determine who is on what team.  The Nuke is used to blow up the other team's bunker.  This mod is ment for already given items and/or bought from a custom command blocked villager so there are no crafting recipes.  I might add crafting recipes and definately more items in the future!  This mod is in BETA.  I have only found one bug which is the Backup Knife does not do the required damage so... use a Stone Sword for now.  




Give support and it will be guarenteed that I will add and fix stuff in the future!





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Sounds cool maybe add mobs(civilains)And trade with them?I know it would be hard but uts an idea!

I kinda like ur idea BlockyCrafter, I will think about it.