Cacra, Dadra, and Sapphira

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This mod adds two more dimensions in to your minecraft world, The Cacra dimension, a dream-like world which is beutiful, the Dadra, a dark-nitemarish dimension, And the sapphira, a peaceful neutural place. This mod is currently a W.I.P.! Soon there will be new mobs for each dimension, there will be small fluffy sheep-like mobs for the cacra, and big, scary mobs for the dadra. There will be more blocks added to, better recipes for crafting.. (These words are completly irrelavant to the mod im just typing them so i can freacking publish this to the website because you need at least 100 words and i suck at descriptions!!!!!.)


-Removed the Glass and Leaves.

-Added Cacarians

-Added Dardarians

-Added Sapphira Dimension

-Added Sapphiran

-Adde Saphhira Blocks

Modification files
Cacra, Dadra, and Sapphira mod - Cacra, Dadra, and Sapphira v3.8192.44 KB

Thank i had to remove the leaves and glass glitchy i put a download for it