Pearl Caves Mod! [v1.3.2]

Published by Spikelz on Wed, 02/18/2015 - 21:21
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This is a mod I have been working on for a while, and my first mod. What this mod is, is a whole new dimension and a whole new boss, and a lot of other new things. The first thing you do to start your adventure of is kill a fish. There is a added mob called the fish, when you kill it, it drops fish and there is a rare chance that it will drop a pearl. If you put the pearls in a 2x2 pattern on the crafting grid you'll get a pearl block. Once you get enough pearl blocks you can make the portal to the Pearl Caves Dimension, you do that by putting the blocks in the same format you would make a nether portal. Then you would craft a portal-igniter by doing the same thing you would do with flint and steel, except put a pearl there instead of iron. Now that you have the portal ready, go in it. What you must do is find blue blocks that are in the dimension, when you mine them, you'll get a shard. Now if you put this shard on the crafting grid next to some kind of diamond armor, you can make enhanced armor. This armor is extremely recomended if you're going to beat the boss. Now you must go to the nether. The nether has a new, rare ore that you can find. It's called the glowing ore, when you mine the glowing ore it will give you glowing shards, with those shards, you can make a glowing block by putting the shards in a 3x3 pattern on the crafting grid. Once you have the block, place it, now right click it, it should disappear but in your inventory there should be a boss spawner. DO NOT RIGHT CLICK IT IN ANY OTHER DIMENSION EXCEPT FOR THE PEARL CAVES DIMENSION! It will only work in that dimension. The boss has 250 health and once you defeat it, it will drop a scythe. The scythe has 34 attack damage! Have fun playing! :)



This mod features:

A new mob, the fish!


Pearl Block!

Pearl Caves Dimension!

Portal Igniter!

Blue Dimension Block... Thingys.

A Shard Thingy!

Enhanced Armor!

Glowing Ore!

Glowing Shard!

Glowing Block!

Boss Spawner!

The New Boss That Has No Name for some Reason!

And FINNALY, The most awesomeness weapon ever....


Wow that was a waste of my time.





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Submitted by Spikelz on Wed, 02/18/2015 - 21:23

You can email any bugs here (not that anyone will lol):

Submitted by Andy_Sa on Sun, 03/01/2015 - 23:17

cool thanks for the good description