Forgotten Tools Mod By angryharis

Published by angryharis on Thu, 02/19/2015 - 13:51
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Hey Guys angryharis here and I present you my first mod (Thank god MCreator dodn't glitched out this time :D)! The Forgotten tools Mod adds some new Tools, weapons and armor and 2 Mobs that are preety cool you can say...

The pictures cannot appear for some reason so you will have to discover yourselves the content!

First of all the mobs: Newbie and Cool Guy

Tools: All Dirt tools and armor! (In other Words... The Noobie set)

Specisl stuff:

Dirt Sword: When Right clicked on groun it will spawn a dirt block :P

Dirt Armor: Completely WEAK and you look like a noob... (No offenses)

Image (If works):Dirt armor                                                        If not://

2) Lapis tools!

Lapis is something that is completely useless for everything! Now we have a use!

Lapis Helmet Gives you Night vision! Better have NEI playing first time!

3)Another use for obsidian! Obsidian Chestplate gives you resistance 1 But the leggings slowness The full set of Obsidian Is slightly weaker than diamond!

4)Last the Emerald! The emerald is also something useless for many reasons except trading with those money stealers xD

Special with emeralds: Full emerald armor gives you awesome buffs!

Powerful Tools!

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