Amathis and More Mod

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The Amathis and More Mod This is a mod that is still in progress.It will add new ores,gems, items, armor, tools, and more. So let's talk a bought the mod. The Amathis ore is generated in world a slight more frequently then coal. When broken it will give 3 Amathis gems that can be used for crafting of new items, and armor. The armor is more durable, absorbs more damage, and is highly enchantable. New tools are more durable, and more effecent. Also they are moderatly enchantable. The mobs are tougher however give more experience.The Amathis stick is craftable by placeing a stick with magenta dye in the crafting table. New biomes and demensions gives more veriety to the players. Whith new demensions comes new bosses can you defeat them all? Change Log Version 1.0.0 Added Amathis ore Added Amathis gem Added Amathis tools Added Amathis armor Added Amathis stick Added Amathis apple Added Amathis skeleton Added Amathis creeper Added Amathis biome



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