FrozenMine Mod [Pre-Release]

Published by xianma on Tue, 03/03/2015 - 01:59
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This mod adds in just a little bit of Frozen stuff. Not that much. This is actually my first mini-mod. Now if you don't know what is a mini mod, A mini mod is a mod that doesn't adds in anything (In this case, a little bit) but makes the game cooler. Is kinda like Chylex's Butter Mod. BUTTER! So this is my first mini mod. Please download and check it out! Although can you answer my questions on how to make a tool summon lightning? I really want to make one!

More tools and blocks and lots of other random Frozen related things!

You have the winter wand, kristoff pickaxe, flint and ice, frozen gun :0, ice sword, magic ice block and ice cubes.