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Published by blueninja on Mon, 03/09/2015 - 20:10
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This is the Legenda Mod!

This mod adds several new Items and blocks.

The main block is the legenda ore. When you mine the legenda ore you get 5 legenda shards.

The shards can be used to make a legenda gem. The legenda gem is used to create Legenda

tools and armor. There is also a legenda block. It is made like a diamond block except using Legenda gems.

Please leave ideas in the comments. Hope you like the mod.


This mod adds four new blocks. Legenda ore, legenda block, light legenda block, and dark legenda block.

And three new slabs. legenda slab, light legenda slab, and dark legenda slab.

The legenda ore drops 5 legenda shards

Here they are:


This mod also adds a legenda gem, dark legenda gem, light legenda gem, and blood.

Here it is:

The legenda gem can be used to make legenda tools and armor, the dark legenda gem can be used to make dark legenda tools and armor, and the light legenda gem can be used to make light legenda tools and armor.

Here they are

The Tools:

The armor:

Another thing added in this mod is a trading gui.

The gui can be opened with a keybind. It defaults to zero.

It can be used to get light legenda gems.

Last but not least the mobs.

This adds five new mobs, The legenda golem, the light legenda golem, the dark legenda golem, the dark zombie, and the light zombie.

Here they are:

The Legenda Golem drops a legenda gem when killed, It acts just like a normal iron golem.

The Dark Legenda Golem drops a dark legenda gem when killed. It does not act like a normal iron golem but instead tries to kill the player.

The Light Legenda Golem drops a light legenda gem when killed it does not act like a normal iron golem. It doesnt hurt the player or hostile mobs. If you right click it you will be partially healed.

The dark zombie drops blood and the light zombie drops a light legenda gem.

I hope you like it!


Heres the changelog:

Changelog: 1.0.0

Legenda sword

Legenda axe

Legenda pickaxe

Legenda shovel

Legenda hoe

Legenda helmet

Legenda chestplate

Legenda leggings

Legenda boots

Legenda block

Legenda Gem

Legenda shard


Dark Legenda Gem

Light Legenda Gem

Light Legenda Sword

Light Legenda Shovel

Light Legenda Hoe

Light Legenda Pickaxe

Light Legenda Axe

Dark Legenda Pickaxe

Dark Legenda Axe

Dark Legenda Hoe

Dark Legenda Shovel

Dark Legenda Sword

Dark Legenda Block

Light Legenda Block

Light Zombie

Dark Zombie


New trading gui

trading keybind(to open gui)


Legenda, Dark Legenda, And Light Legenda slabs.

Legenda golem


Dark Legenda golem

Light Legenda golem


Thank You!


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Please post bugs if you find them