Ray Gun Mod

Published by Top Gamer on Mon, 03/09/2015 - 20:23
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Hi this is my 2nd mod, The Ray Gun mod. The Ray Gun mod is also in my, The Everything Mod. This Ray Gun Mod adds in The Ray Gun, Ray Gun Ammo, 2 Ores and it also has other things but I'll let you find out your self.

If this mod gets atleast 5 stars I will make zombie maps with weapons. So please rate it if you wanna see that. 

Also if you would like to add me on PS3: lou-f18

If you do add me I do have Minecraft Playstation 3 edition so you can come join me on that then.

So also if you wanna be part of my mod team please comment: #Team-Top_Gamer 

I'll see you in the next mod, PS3 or the Mcreator Chat so I'll see you soon

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