The Everything Mod DLC Markiplier

Published by Top Gamer on Sat, 03/14/2015 - 18:15
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Hi as you may know I am the creator of The Everything Mod and this is the 1st DLC. They are all free DLC's. In this DLC... MARKIPLIER who I forgot to add in the complete version of The Everything Mod. This mod adds in Tiny Box Tim, Markiplier, Wilfred Warfstash , a new block and a sword. I made this DLC because the whole mod team including me are big fans of Markiplier. Unfortunatly my mod team was unable to help me with this DLC. The next DLC is the map for The Everything Mod it includes New Ores, New Weapons, new Structures and of course new Mobs and a new Boss. If this DLC isn't the next DLC for the mod it will be some mods that are my favourite combined together that will help you alot in the mod. I hope you enjoy this DLC for The Everything Mod and I'll see you soon.

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