Ultimate mobs mod

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4 Amazing mods in one pack with many many mobs, ores and portals

there are many mobs in this mod I can't count them all but I know a few

Santa Villager boss

Vactor Final Boss

Ender Spider

Spier Boss



and many many more I can not count

but this mod has all FNAF Charaters along with 2 or more ores with 1 hidden, 4 Amazing portals one portal your rich and weapones!!!! like a new very powerful bow without having to charge it just Rapidly shooting those mobs with it the ammo is very easy to make dont forget to sub to me on youtube at lerrycapetime time hope you like this mod many hidden things are in it Please download all of these for it to be fun and complete. :) and as always take care.eew s

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In development
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Okay. I tried it out. I was afraid of the FNAF characters but thanks to my Mods they killed them.