Published by Mr. Conga on Sun, 03/22/2015 - 11:46
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Dungeons+++ Isn't really all about dungeons but you do get everything you need from it within dungeons. The main goal is to make dungeons more important and making late-game items less of a boring farm to get like IC2, EE2, Ars Magica, Powersuits, Etc.

It still contains some farming for obvious reasons. (you don't want to get super op invincible souper man gear right off the bat)

Also contains actual farming!

You really just get a packet full of a spoon full of a pinch for everything which requires dungeon running.

Besides that not much else I can say besides expect special electric spawners, a dimension you'll regret entering and gear better than what you thought the best was.


Lets Talk about a few Misc things now for explaination. (This will be expanded over time)


Error dimensions:

The first level to the error dimension is docile and requires you to make a deformed portal, corrupting the world and ripping a hole into the docile Error dimension.

After the first level you enter the more banished, hostile and corrupt part of the error dimension where without proper gear you'll die swiftly.


The rest is up to you for finding out, good luck have fun.



Current Version: 0.0.1

Added Mod, need to cheat in most items





This mod current contains bugs, mob cores for example have fire instead of mob heads in the crafting recipe.

Please report any possible bugs you may find to me.

WARNING: vexian spawners are extremely fast and fire every 0.25 seconds, hyper is every 1 second and normal is every 3 seconds.

I work on this whenever I can but it can always be improved.

I would suggest using NEI or TMI (who uses that these days though) while using this mod much like all other mods.

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How do you make generated structures?