Ultimate mobs mod DLC PACK 1 small pack


Lots DLC content this is my first pack to Ultimate mod with lost of big small DLC amaing right This mod Is huge so I wanted DLC to it this DLC comes with

Lightor Block

Darkor Block

now Mobs



Master Chef!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

and and oh no HEROBRINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

hope you like this DLC Like and Sub to me on Youtube at Lerrycapetime time ;) Also I well maybe put detals about the 2nd DLC but thats up to you guys so let me know about that also if you dont know how to download mods go to my Channel and I have a video that well show you and as always Take Care.

2nd DLC!!!!


4 new blocks with special powers

and Structures

3rd DLC

secret stuff looks amazing toke some time all secret stuff hidden at least intel you find them also I well allow mod show cases of my mod on youtube

4th DLC final

last DLC for this time guys more coming soon :)


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In development

Very Good on the DLCs Lerry I hope more will be good like the ones you make. Keep up the Excellent Work.

Could I make a mod showcase on this mod I think it's modshowcase worthy it looks pretty cool