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Published by TonkaGreen on Wed, 03/25/2015 - 03:11
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This mod is my first mod made with MCreator. It gives mining for ores more useful.

If you take any ore that can be turned into a block of that ore and place it in the center of the crafting table, you will grind that ore into dust. If you take a mushroom stew in the center of the crafting grid and put five dust in the shape of a helmet around it, you will create a special soup. This soup will give you a potion effect based on the ore dust used (diamond gives you regen, coal gives night vision, etc.). You can also smelt the main version of the ore the dust comes from (diamond, iron ingot, coal) to get one soup each.

There are other reciepes, but I will explain them later. For now, use nei or experiment. Enjoy!

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