Published by xXMCXx on Thu, 03/26/2015 - 18:33
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Trying to survive the apocalypse?

grab your trusty frying pan or maybe you dont like the close up and nasty? grab the explosive rocket launcher

and blow the zombies away withought needing to be near them! 

this mod will add in many new types of zombies,mobs,weapons and armor to use

in your fight against the new threat.




Note: Click on "Show Spoiler" to see the contents. THANK KLEMEN FOR THIS AWESOME ADDITION.


0.0.1 Pre-Beta


0.0.1 Pre-Beta

-6 new mobs

zombies: fast,strong,tank,weak zombie types

Other: Cops,Soldier (Type 1)

-6 new weapons (machine gun,auto pistol,rocket Launcher,Crossbow,Frying Pan,Baseball Bat)

-2 New blocks (Human statue and Guardian Statue)

-1 New food (canned beef)

1-New GUI (Weapon List)


baseball bat (Crafting May be removed)

Bullets (Crafting may be removed)

Canned Meat (By making any type of canned for you have a cahnce of getting special abilitys)

Purifing Potion (no use as of 0.0.1, but will be used to purify Rotten flesh)

Shaved iron (Used to make canned foods)

Zombie Potion (Gives random effects)

More Images

More Info

Purified Potion has no use as of 0.0.1 Pre-Beta

Every new mob added in is hostile (free for all mod)

Every mob has X% chances to drop weapons and items (drops vary for each zombie)

Weapon lists (books) can be found in blacksmith village chests

A weapon list offers the details on weapons in the game

New statues wield chances to drop food,items,weapons but be carefull zombies might be inside to.



Major Bugs - Crashes,Huge lag spikes,causes problem for players

 Minor bugs - Doesnt hurt the game but may be annoying

some Zombies not effected by light

Laser sentry doesnt shoot arrows at you (may be removed)

mob has copys of itself after spawning

"Ghost" items are on ground even though you have them

Special Thanks

Planet Minecraft (mob textures) , MCreator , Klemen , All of the item textures come from Google images.


Item Textures:

Military phone image found here

Bullet/s images Found here

Baseball bat and canned food are re-edited textures

Mob Textures:

Planet Minecraft mob textures found here 



Release type
In development
Latest supported Minecraft version
Modification files
ZombieCraft 0.0.1-PreBeta.zip - A cool zombie styled apocalyptic world for you to TRY to survive in, use weapons from frying pans to futuristic lasers to defend384.9 KB

@#1 Thanks. :) I dont feel this mod will be very popular but its a mod I created for a youtube series of mine.

Submitted by URNext7634 on Sat, 03/28/2015 - 15:56

xXMCXx, some of the item textures I have seen in other mods, such as The Hunt. are they edited, or do you have permission for them?

@#2 I have just looked up the mod "The Hunt" none of my textures resemble them. The only textures that dont belong to me are the planet minecraft textures (mob textures) I gave credit to planet minecraft which is what you are suppose to do. that means if the author of "The Hunt" has the same mob textures and is taking credit for them then that mod needs to be removed or taken down for copywright. I assure you URNext7634 if any of my textures are at fault they would be changed. (never uploaded in the first place)

Submitted by darthsae on Sat, 12/14/2019 - 02:58

If you aren't working on it could you send me the workspace. If not can I use the ideas. I will give credit.

Great Mod! just add ingame screenshots! :)