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The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, inside an ENTIRE Minecraft Mod! This mod includes many aspects from one of the best video games ever created; The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time! Please note this is my first mod and is a Work In Progress, and I will be adding lots and lots more to the mod. So far, this mod has: Kokiri Forest, Deku Tree, Kokiri Sword, Lost Woods, Hyrule Field, Hyrule Castle, Lake Hylia, Zoras, Zora's Domain, Hylian Civilians, The Sacred Realm, Fish and Chips (because why not), Lon Lon Milk, Kakariko Lumberjack Axe, Kakariko Self-Defence Sword, Kakariko Farming Hoe, Kakariko Pickaxe, Kakariko Walking Staff, Kakariko Shovel, Fairy Fountains, Desert Colossus, An On-screen Overlay, A custom menu (press 'M'), Navi help (press 'F') and Hylian Guards. Lots more will be added to this mod, it is a WIP. This is my first mod, so no harsh comments please :D ~~HELP~~ I really REALLY need help with exporting the mod. On MCreator, it just says 'Recompilation process still going on in background!' every time I try to test the environment or export it!

Modification files

Finally! One question. Is there an alert that pops up every 5 seconds telling you to press 'F'?

@#1 No, it's just a little inside joke so, if your stuck, you can press 'F' for Navi to "help" you *cough cough* but instead it just prints text that says 'Navi: Hey! Look! Listen!' and I might add a sound file to go with it. However, if people really want it that badly, I may make this functional.