The Cool Mod.

Published by Jamzs3 on Thu, 04/02/2015 - 05:10
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Just a small mod with easy tools that make life better. This mod is still being tested and i am making better things.

Crafting Things:

Crafting > Pickaxe that places torchs

Glass > crafting for cool glass

The mod < the mod so far

Nothing to over powered. 

In the mod:

2 blocks with effects

2 mobs

3 tools

1 food

1 new tab

1 new fluid

Made by Jamzs3

I am new to mod making and im going to learn a lot more to create better mods for the public.

If there are any crashes or bugs contact me on twitter @JamzsGamer

Current bug: CoolGlass acts like xray when on ground.


Todo list:

fix bug

create cool buildings

create items

wait for comments

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In development
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