Useful Things Reloaded [0.2]

Submitted by Sosin on Mon, 04/06/2015 - 08:26


Useful things come back with more and better useful things!

For now are few items (like Day/Night Changer and his upgrade), achievements (for create the Day/Night Changer and
his upgrade), new better GUI's, and stuff to add.




Day/Night Changer GUI

Day/Night GUI

Day/Night Upgraded GUI

Day/Night Upgraded

SOME CRAFTS (use NotEnoughItems to see all the craftings)

Day/Night Changer

Day/Night Changer craft

Day/Night Upgraded


LAST VERSION 0.2 (07/April/2015)

+Created Empty Cell

+Created Lava Cell

+Created Food Generator (right click with Seeds and Lava Cell in your inventory
to give you a potato, porkchop, chicken, bread, carrot or cookie)

+Created Digger (only dig, don't pickup the items/blocks)



*Enhanced Digger GUI, now shows the current status (On/Off) and
the Current Level. And now you can set the Power!

Digger GUI


*Now Day/Night Upgraded alert you in the chat if you put in the custom time
a number that isn't 0-24000





You would say that it's the same mod, but now i want to make it for more useful things that only Ores/Blocks.

For now are few items, but you can say to me what do you want.

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wow, cool mod! the day/night changer inspired me!