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Published by LapisMan on Wed, 04/08/2015 - 02:19
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WARNING: This is an OP (Over Powered) Mod! Do not play  unless you like, or don't mind OP mods! Thank You

Hello Everyone!
It's been a while since I've made and uploaded a mod. So here is a new mod for you! This mod focuses on adding new features that all revolve around Lapis Lazuli. Why Lapis? Why not? Please try it out and give me some feedback on what you think! I'm always looking for ways to improve! Thanks Bye

Please do not copy or re-upload this mod. Thank you

Mod Version 1.0.0 for minecraft 1.7.10

-Added mod

-Added Lapis tools and Armor

-Added molten Lapis

-Added crystal Lapis
-Added Crystal Lapis Block

-Added crystal lapis armor and tools

-Added Lapis Biome

-Added Grass Lapis Biome

-Added Lapis dimension
-Added Lapis Igniter

-Added Lapis Flower

-Added dark Lapis Creeper
(Has 10,000 health)

-Added Dark Lapis

-Added Dark Lapis Creeper summoner

Planned features for next update

Lapis Wood
Lapis Wood Plank
Dark Lapis Zombie

Dark Lapis Skeleton
Dark Lapis Block
Dark Lapis Ore

Crafting Recipes
Unfortunately I could not get the recipes to show up here, so all recipe images are in a file within the mod file 


Thank you for downloading 




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