Magnite Mod 1.0.0

Published by zaynk1 on Thu, 04/09/2015 - 18:28
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Be ready to add this mod into your minecraft!Open a world and have fun with this mod.There is A Dimension,A Boss,Tools,Armour,New material and many more!I'm sure that with this mod,you will have a lot of fun!New weapons and MULTITOOLS!I Forgot to say that there are 2 new blocks!Armour has special abilities!It gives you F-O-U-R |E F F E C T S!Jump B-O-O-S-T,Speed,Fire Resistance, A N D|F I N A L L Y| S T R E N G H T!Isn't that awesome??So what are you waiting for?Download this mod and play! I spend 1 hour making this so please don't swer me if I did something wrong!

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